Iridescence (An original group story)

This group story takes place in the future with an evil dictator who has a giant army with several strict and unfair rules but one is NO COLOR OR CREATIVITY! But the Kolor Kids think that enough is enough and decide to fight back with color everywhere, so while the dictator is hunting them down, troubles arise in the group like romances and betrayal, but they still create their mark on the world while they still can...enjoy!! :D

Chapter 3

Molly ~ Splash Of Color

by: Pierced_
"It's the Kolor Kids!"
"The Kolor Kids? Where?!"
I smiled at the children who were helping us color the streets. Every color splashed on the sides of buildings and on windows.
"Come on, I think this street is colored enough!" Kiari yelled as we ran to the next block as we finished decorating the street with color everywhere and the people stared in awe. We ran to the next street when we heard shouts from the former street.
"Hide!" Kiari hissed at us and I immediately hid.
"Where did they go?" A soldier demanded.
"I-I don't know," Someone quivered.
"Tell me now!" The soldier yelled.
"Like I said, I don't know!" A woman's voice, I know noticed, cried out.
"Tell me now or I'll put a bullet through that head of yours!" The soldier screamed.
I snaked up the side of the building to get a better view. And I saw woman on her knees with her hands behind her head and a tall soldier had a gun pointed at her head.
"Please! I don't know anything, please let me live!" The woman cried.
"That's it!" The soldier boomed.
"Hey, moron look over here!" Kiari yelled and everyone looked at her.
"Get her!" The soldier yelled.
"Don't forget about me!" I laughed, and started to run.
"Get her too!" The leader shouted.
Suddenly, I had a soldier running across rooftops after me. I ran in a zig zag pattern so he wouldn't shoot me.
"Hey stop!" He yelled. And he fired.
I dodged it and took a knife out of my sleeve.
I turned around and threw it, and it stuck in the soldier's arm. He yelped in pain and I flipped away.
We were in the sewers, waiting for Kiari to return, when she finally came into view.
"What took you so long?" Saria asked her as she slowly got up and brushed dirt off of her clothes.
"I had a close call," she said casually.
"There getting closer everytime, what's happening?" Jeff asked.
"I agree, I'm afraid soon we're going to get caught, so I want us to stay quiet for a while and we need to move our locations since I recently saw a trio of guards sniffing around close by here, too close, we'll start packing tomorrow morning, I think there's another place we can go too," Kiari said.
"Finally! I'm tired of the smell of this place!" Jeff laughed.
"Where are we going?" Melanie asked.
"To the old abandoned train station," Kiari smiled.
"I remember that place! Good memories," I say, grinning.
"Alright, gather your things and by at least 7 in the morning we should leave," I ordered.
"Yes mam!" Everyone yelled in unison.
"Alright, meeting dismissed, see ya at the crack of dawn!"
I gathered up my backpack and took off my color patched jacket. I let my hair down and climbed out of sewer. I was getting sick of that place anyway.
I walked home, it was only a couple of blocks. Luckily, there were no guards, and I got into my house safely.
I set my backpack down when my younger brother, Chris, runs towards me.
"Molly!" He sails in his little eight year old voice.
"Sorry, but no hugs right now Chris." I said as I headed to the bathroom.
I took a shower, changed into my pajamas, and brushed my teeth.
I then walked out of the bathroom and gave Chris a hug.
"Shouldn't you be in bed? It's almost 9." I say.
"Shush..." he says and ran into bedroom.
I laughed and climbed into bed. I pulled the covers over me and fell asleep.

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