Iridescence (An original group story)

This group story takes place in the future with an evil dictator who has a giant army with several strict and unfair rules but one is NO COLOR OR CREATIVITY! But the Kolor Kids think that enough is enough and decide to fight back with color everywhere, so while the dictator is hunting them down, troubles arise in the group like romances and betrayal, but they still create their mark on the world while they still can...enjoy!! :D

Chapter 4

Colors Hiding

We're currently waiting for Kiari to comeback at the junkyard.Where is she? I can tell her sister, Melanie, is thinking the same thing. After Kiari told me to go I gathered the rest of the team and headed to the base while she and Molly distracted the soldiers and Molly got here a little after we arrived.
"Kiari!" Melanie screams and I jerk from my thoughts to see the two sisters hugging each other. While Kiari gets up I ask the question that's been bugging me. "What took you so long?" Kiari just shrugs and answers "I had a close call." I bite my bottom lip slightly. It seems like we've been getting a lot of close calls lately.
"There getting closer everytime, what's happening?" Jeff asks.
"I agree, I'm afraid soon we're going to get caught, so I want us to stay quiet for a while and we need to move our locations since I recently saw a trio of guards sniffing around close by here, too close, we'll start packing tomorrow morning, I think there's another place we can go too," Kiari says.
"Finally! I'm tired of the smell of this place!" Jeff laughs and I silently agree.
"Where are we going?" Melanie asks.
"To the old abandoned train station," Kiari smiled.
"I remember that place! Good memories." Molly says smiling.
"Alright, gather your things and by at least 7 in the morning we should leave." Kiari orders. "Yes mam!" I yell with everyone in union. I smile brightly at the fact that we were trading the junkyard for the abandoned train station. I admit that this place has grown on me in a kind of way, the stench however is a different matter!
I grab my messenger bag and pull out my black hoodie. After putting it on and slinging the bag over my shoulder I start the walk to my house. I wouldn't say it's close to the junkyard but I wouldn't say it's far away either, maybe about six blocks away it depends on how fast you walk. Me being me I decide to take my time, of course being very cautious.
I probably have the worst luck in the world or at least some sort of Karma; as I check my street I see two soldiers walking a few houses down from my house coming this way. I take a deep breath and let it out slowly, I'm always more confident knowing my teammates are right by my side, more or less.
I take a step back and I think. I have two options, the first is to hide until they pass by and the second is to fight. I decide the first one instantly, you should never resort to violence first unless absolutely necessary. I guess I was taught that by my parents.
I look around frantically for a place to hide and I see a trashcan. Of course, always a trashcan. I debate myself whether to actually go in it or just sit behind it and I just decide to go behind it. I pull the hood over my head and clutch my bag close to my chest before sitting down.
I hear the heavy footsteps nearby and force my breathing to even at a slow pace. Eventually the footfalls subside so I can barely hear them and I let out a sigh of relief. I slowly get up from my spot and walk the rest of the way to home.

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