Iridescence (An original group story)

This group story takes place in the future with an evil dictator who has a giant army with several strict and unfair rules but one is NO COLOR OR CREATIVITY! But the Kolor Kids think that enough is enough and decide to fight back with color everywhere, so while the dictator is hunting them down, troubles arise in the group like romances and betrayal, but they still create their mark on the world while they still can...enjoy!! :D

Chapter 5

Good Mamories

I remembered the other day how Molly had recalled good memories about the train station, I didn't really remember too much about it, but I went with it. I grabbed my backpack and started putting what little belongings I had in it, my flashlight, batteries, my paint gloves, a spare set of clothes and my butterfly knife, the other kids asked why it was called that, I told them I didn't know, they seemed content with that, I liked it because I could sit there for ages playing with it. Most people probably wouldn't consider playing with a knife 'fun', but that's their opinion, I did whatever I wanted to and I wanted to help fight against the dictator, though sometimes I did want to have a normal life, live by rules, have a family, but then I thought, that was boring grown up stuff, so I joined the Kolor Kids, we bring color to the people, fight against oppression and all that stuff, but I was in it to protect people, never did like seeing others hurt, so I did something about it.

I eventually made my way to the station and sure enough the others where already there,
"What took you so long?"
"I was busy being awesome"
"Whatever, anyway, this is our new home!"
For a while we searched the place for somewhere to stay and we decided that a de-railed carriage that had ran into a building was perfect, the building had little damage and the train actually worked as an extension of the house, I quickly ran in and claimed a small room, the others soon finding theirs, I put my stuff down and pulled out my knife, I looked into it and saw my reflection, but then something else, a man, behind me... I quickly turned around and saw a man holding a knife,
"Come ere kiddy, gimme that knife before I have to take it from ya" He said in a raspy voice, I slowly walked towards him, gave him my knife then grabbed a nearby chair and smashed it on him, he fell over and I dragged him outside our house, the others came out to see what happened,
"What do we do with him?"
"He knows where we live"
"We can't just let him go"
"We could turn him in"
"Yeah! And leave a note saying he attacked a child!"
We left him outside a soldiers barracks and quickly ran back to our house, by then it was night and we decided that we would add a little Kolor Kids inspiration to the place tomorrow.

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