My Cinderella

Hey guys! I finally found an inspiration of a love story. :) Some of the events in this story will be real life situations I've been in with this girl or based off of pure imagination. So yeah! :) Hope you guys like it. I'll be using my name, but a different girl's name.

Chapter 1


by: Seth__
"Alright, State is tomorrow!" said our theatre teacher, Ms. Edmund. State was basically this awesome event where all the local thespians learn tricks about how to improve our acting, but also perform and compete for scholarship money we could use for future performances. I was finally going to go for the scholarship for solo musical. I've been working on my performance of "Santa Fe" from Newsies the Musical.
"Everyone's been practicing, correct?" Ms. Edmund asked all the performers competing in State.
"Yep!" we all said in unison.
"Alright, I'll see all you kiddos tomorrow!" she said and everyone left.

I stood grabbed my backpack and kneeled on the stage. I opened my backpack to get out the hat I was wearing at the performance to suit my character.
"You okay, Jack?" asked Ms. Edmund.
"I'm okay, just a bit nervous," I told her honestly.
"This song couldn't be more perfect for your voice. If I were you, I'd ask someone to be your focus point during your performance. Someone you truly trust. Sing to only them so you ignore the rest of the crowd."
I took my hat off of my head and grasped it with both hands. "Thanks, Ms. Edmund. Do you mind if I just hang out in here for a while? I want a little time on the stage."
"Sure thing. I'll lock the door from the outside, so you can get out, but no one can come in."

She left through the lobby as I stood on stage. I looked at the rows of seats. State was going to be held at my home school. Home field advantage as them athletes would say. This is the stage I've been performing on since freshman year, but I'm finally going to perform at State.
I kicked at my heels as I walked back and forth on the stage. I put my hat on and thought about what Ms. Edmund said. Find a focus point..

Who can I use?


I hope you guys like it! This is just the beginning and I've got AMAZING ideas for this story :) I'd love to hear your guys' feedback on this, so please comment and share this with other readers. :)

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