An Empty Heart & a Chipped Cup

This is my first ever Once Upon a Time fanfiction. I haven't watched the TV show yet (waiting for permission from my dad), so I've made a few things up, but I love the clips I've seen so much that I decided to go ahead with this fanfiction. Belle and Rumple are the best characters EVER. And their story is amazing. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1


by: Alyianna
Rumpelstiltskin wasn't watching the view outside as his black carriage rumbled on towards the castle that was coming closer and closer by. Even though there was a war going on, nobody would dare touch his carriage. Nobody would dare cross the Dark One.

He had taken on the position a long time ago, the only reason being for the power. Maybe it was also to try to forget Milah, the wife he had loved so much but who had been stolen away from him by the villainous Captain Hook. Well, Rumple HAD gotten on Hook's bad side by stealing his wife...but that gave Hook no right to take away his beloved Milah.

Then, to get that power, Rumple had had to abandon his beloved son, but one had to make sacrifices to get power, right? This time, he would be so powerful that he wouldn't have to feel the pain of losing someone. No one could defeat him, even the Evil Queen had to bow to him. If people wanted to get away from something nasty, they would ask Rumple to help them in return for something. And Rumple never refused because he LOVED making deals. He would never let anyone leave their end of the deal...otherwise, their lives would be made very nasty. That was the reason Rumple had taken Hook's wife away from him...he hadn't kept his end of a deal.

Now, he was travelling to the place of his next deal. King Maurice had sent a desperate message to him for help. He had added a postscript saying that he would give Rumple much gold in return for his efforts. Rumple, however, didn't want the gold. He had a much better idea, in fact...

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