Misfits ~Original Group Story~

Nine kids live their lives fighting, stealing, cheating, lying, and deceiving others. But soon, they find that they have powers. Can they use their powers for good, or will they be the thieves that they are? And someone is following them- but they don't know about the powers... What else could they be after?


Elizabeth (Beingdauntless)
Connor (CaptainCookiez)
Cameron (Cool2twin)
Kat (The_Kit_Kat_Artist)
Emery (WinForMeCato)

And me! :D

Chapter 2

Randy Just's POV

by: MusicDays
Randy Just's POV

As I walk away from my class I spy on my crush. Emily, but I have to call her Emma [I had to learn that the hard way]. I always wanted to talk to her but I never could. So I went back to class early.

As I was reading I forgot about the test "Man, i'm gonna fail this test!" I thought to myself. Or even worse, flunk math. I decided to study. A few minutes later the bell rang and the test start. I just did a guess. At least i got a C-!

I later walked home. When i was near by the neighborhood I saw somebody. Crap, it was the gang i use to be in.

Flash Back
"Where yo goin?" A strange voice said.
"None of your bussines!" I said.
"Whats wrong? Scared of me?"
"No bro, i'm not"
A gun pointed at his stomach. A loud sound was heard. Blood everywhere. Yelling "Help me! Help me!" Over and over but nobody helping.
Real world

"Hey I remember you!" The strange voice said.
"Wha- What do you want?" I said.
"You know exactly what I want!"
10 to 15 people showed up. I realized, it was the gang. The group of men starting kicking me. Right before I thought i was about to die the time seem to be frozen. I than ran.

Everything was frozen. I even saw a rat about be ran over frozen! Once I was in my house save time started to flow again. You could now see the clock ticking, Cars moving, and dogs barking. The gang member shot at his own foot.

What happen? How was it like this? Why wasn't he frozen? It seemed like it was magic. I decided it was time for rest I knew i was gonna steal some stuff tomorrow.

I woke up at 5:00.I Went to a jewelry store. I snuck in. Grabbed some stuff. I would grab whatever I could. I went through the fire exit.

I broke the wires so no alarm would sound. I would use these items to sell thing. Wait, I was caught. You could here sirens coming from the back. But than i remembered how i froze time!

I quickly used the power to freeze time. Than I blinked twice! I could see through walls! Woah.. I walked out without getting harmed.

I was than back at home I fell to the bed and passed out asleep.

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