Misfits ~Original Group Story~

Nine kids live their lives fighting, stealing, cheating, lying, and deceiving others. But soon, they find that they have powers. Can they use their powers for good, or will they be the thieves that they are? And someone is following them- but they don't know about the powers... What else could they be after?


Elizabeth (Beingdauntless)
Connor (CaptainCookiez)
Cameron (Cool2twin)
Kat (The_Kit_Kat_Artist)
Emery (WinForMeCato)

And me! :D

Chapter 22

Alexandria Houston

Well... this is definitely not the strangest situation that I have found myself in... but definitely. The most shocking...or well suprising wake up call I ever had. I seem to have woken up in a strange room in which I have never seen before. I have some sort of cuff link on my wrists that is keeping me from using my powers... just what the hell happened to me. I sit up on the bed and try to get a look around of my surroundings. In the center of the room is a red glowing see through wall. Acting almost as a forcefield that surrounded in my bed. The room was dark and I could barely see, however I could barely see a person standing in the corner. With their arms crossed against his chest, however I couldn't see the dudes face.

"Who are you?" I ask..

"You don't remember?"... he smirks... "I'm surprised of you Sneaker."

I froze. Only one person ever... ever rendered to me as Sneaker....and that was...

"GABRIEL!?!... is .. is that you" I asked ...

"The one and only." *he flicks his fingers causing a flame to appear lighting up the room allowing me to see his face for the first time in over a year.. though it seems like it has been forever. He looks the same as he normally does, however his hair is shorter now then it was and I think he has gotten taller.

"Thank god!" I exclaim.. "maybe you can get me out of here Gabe?.. like.. they put some weird cuff on me that prevents me from using my powers and I'm sealed in. Seriously!" ...

He laughs ... "oh Alex... poor poor Alex. You don't get it do you?.. I'm working with the people who captured you"...

I gasped.. "w-why" ...

"You'll get it soon enough. Look.. Alex. The whole reason we found you and your little friends is cause I led them to you. You could be of good use to us...seriously. we won't hurt you.. or your friends I'd you just corporate. And you know.. get your little buddies of yours to cooperate as well"

"You know as Damn well I can't do that Gabe. My power isn't mind manipulation."

"Tsk" .. shaking his head.. "always so stubborn weren't you?.." he steps forward all the way to the forcefield.. You don't get it. You have no choice. Whether you like us or not.. your joining. Join willing... no harm done.. but.. put up a fight.... well... let's just say I don't want to hurt you."

"Oh .. and like leaving me behind didn't!?!..." I glare at him.. I begged you to take me! Not to leave me behind! And you left anyways!!"

"I couldn't let you go with me where I was going at the time"

"Yes you could of!! You know damn well I know how to fend for myself! I've done it in the past! I can do it again!.."

"Whatever. Can we just talk this out later?.. Look. Are you joining or not?.."

"Hell no."

"Well then. Looks like your going to regret this, but don't say I didn't warn you."

The shield goes down however I am still in the bed with the cufflinks on. I look at Gaberial.

"You wouldn't hurt me?.. w-would you?.."

"I do whatever my job requires me to do" sets his hand on fire causing it to spontaneously burst into flames.. "Just give up. It will be much easier on you this way."

"Never." I smirk...

"Well then. Your choice then..."

He didn't even get to finish. I grabbed the closest thing on my nightstand which was a lamp and hid Gabriel on the head. Knocking him out. He was bleeding from his head. Damn it.... I didn't want to kill him...

I check his pulse and after deaming that he is still breathing, I quickly make an escape for the exit. I don't know what this place is...but all of know is that I have to get out of here and find the others.

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