Misfits ~Original Group Story~

Nine kids live their lives fighting, stealing, cheating, lying, and deceiving others. But soon, they find that they have powers. Can they use their powers for good, or will they be the thieves that they are? And someone is following them- but they don't know about the powers... What else could they be after?


Elizabeth (Beingdauntless)
Connor (CaptainCookiez)
Cameron (Cool2twin)
Kat (The_Kit_Kat_Artist)
Emery (WinForMeCato)

And me! :D

Chapter 3

Emma Hope, the animal girl

The icy wind blew against my hair as I pulled it up in a ponytail and hurried past the Jr. High, I felt someone stare at me and I figured out it was Randy, a kid who gave me his lunch one time and he's pretty good looking for my age. I walked a brisker pace as I past a alley where I heard shouts and garbage cans being kicked over, probably two gangs fighting over territory.

I don't do that stuff, I tried once but they wouldn't except my sister so I bailed out because she's the only important thing in my life.
I walked through the main square and watched as people hussled and bustled their ways to work and other buisness. I laid down against a wall, and I pretended to be asleep.

"Ugh, it's the Streetrat hold your purses girls," A woman snarled at me as she walked passed with two little girls. I quietly reached into the woman's purse without her noticing and I grabbed her coin purse and stuck it in my pocket.

"Why don't the authority take you to jail!" A man yelled at me as he walked passed me and I grabbed a dollar bill that was peeking out of his back pocket.

"Poor girl, here you go," An elderly woman handed me her bagel. a dollar bill, and a small bible.

"Thank you," I smiled at her as she grinned wide and walked away.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~4 hours later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Proud with myself, I silently got up and I walked towards the old abandoned warehouse where Julia, my little sister, was hanging out at.

As I walked towards the warehouse, I heard laughter and screams from my sister. I quickly ran 10 times faster than I did and as I turned the corner, I filled up with anger as I saw my sister cowering as a gang from nearby another neighborhood was kicking her and laughing as she cried out in pain. They've been here for 20 days in a row, beating my sister until I give them everything I earned or else they'll kill her which will never happen as long as I live, and I'm sick and tired of it.

I began to shake in anger and imagined a German Shepherd which I wish I could get to protect Julia when I'm gone and soon I can't contain it.

"Hey!" I yelled but it turn into a growl.

"What was that?" A kid turned around and saw me.

"Holy s~it, it's a cop dog!" Another kid screamed. Surprised and I looked down and saw that I had furry paws and black and tan brown fur and I realized somehow I turned into a dog and I grinned a doggy grin.

This is going to be fun. I thought as I charged at the gang and they scrammed and I barked as I chased them off, and I bit one kid's leg to give them a warning not to mess with me. I padded over to Julia, and I licked her on the face.

"Hello little doggie, who's your owner?" Julia asked as I looked at her.
Julia had short cropped brown hair, jade green eyes, light tan skin, and had little freckles along her nose, she was short for her age being 5'2" at age 15 and very underweight like myself. I soon became exhausted and I morphed back into a human.

"Ho-How did you do that?" Julia's face became pale as I morphed back.

"I'm not sure, I just got really angry, I pictured a German Shepherd and I morphed into it," I sighed my face and palms sweating.

"The stuff is back near the corner," I sighed as I started to see black dots.

"Emma!" Julia screamed as I soon passed out on the concrete.

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