Some day (I will find love)

First real story, EVER, tell me what you think ;)

Chapter 1

Lazy Saturday

Me. I liked me. I liked what I saw in the mirror. I tried to comb my long, curly, rust-colored hair flat on my round head, but in vain. I gave up and with that, put a barrette on. Well. What to wear?? I pulled open my shirt drawer. "Let's see here..." I mumbled to myself. I snatched a purple tank top out. Ugh, wrong one. This shirt had a huge applesauce stain on it. Ohhh yeah, that was Molly. Molly Madrid. I shuddered at the thought of her. Molly Madrid was 7 years old and the biggest brat I knew. With her constant smug look on her face, small blonde pigtails, complete with sparkling blue eyes that looked like a lion's, hunting for prey, she was a complete terror. My mom is friends with her mother, and needless to say, she was over A LOT. ugh.
I found a blue t-shirt that read "Taco Cat backwards is Taco Cat" In orange block letters. I put it on, chuckling to myself a bit. I always found it funny. I also jumped into a frilly pink skirt and walked into the kitchen. Brilliant, we were out of cereal. I slammed a piece of toast into the toaster and got out some grape jelly. I started to daydream.

"Miranda!" My mom's sharp tone made me jump and awakened me from my daydream.
"WHAT?!" I yelled.
"Your toast is burning!" She looked annoyed, as I had unknowingly yelled at her face. I took out the toast and threw it in the garbage. It was too black to be edible. Sigh, time to put another piece in.
I spread my toast with jelly and put the jar back into the fridge. I took my breakfast into my room and was reading when the phone rang. "I'LL GET IT!!" I yelled and sprinted down the hall, jumping up and snatching the phone off the hook. "Hello? Johnson family, Miranda speaking."
"Hey, Miranda," A familiar voice said.
Oh no, it was Anthony.
"Hey Anthony."
"I was wondering... If maybe, you know, we could talk about things over dinner or something?"
"Shut up, Tony. We broke up a month ago."
"But I want you back, Maddy."
I clenched my hand into a fist and said with gritted teeth, "Don't. call. me. Maddy."
"Sor-ry." I could hear him chuckling to himself. "Hey, call me later?"
"Okay, sure fine, whatever," I said, still angry. I slammed the phone down and took a deep breath.
That jerk. I hated Anthony. I walked back to my room, still fuming. My stupid girl brain sent tears toppling out of my eyes. I tried to fight them, but they spilled out against my will. "Honey?" My mom called.
"Yeah, mom?" My voice cracked.
"I'm going for a run. Should be back in an hour," She yelled.
"Okay, see you," I called back. I heard the door close and then lost it. I cried and cried, louder and louder until the only sound came from me wailing as loud as my voice allowed. I shoved a pillow in my face and let the tears burst out, hot, wet, and salty. I gulped, trying to get rid of the hard lump in my throat. I breathed in, a shuddery, shallow breath. I squeezed my hand under my bed and pulled out a small, silver box with a lock on it. "no, Miranda, don't do it..." My thoughts started to protest but I pushed them away. I retrieved the key from under my dresser. I walked back over to my bed and laid down. I pushed the key into the lock, turned it, and heard it click. Snap. The lock fell. I took another deep breath and reached into the shiny box. My fingers felt cold, sharp, metal and I pulled out a bloodstained razor. I locked the box back up and went into the bathroom. I sat on the edge of the sink and started to pull the razor across my thighs. Blood gushed out into the sink. I made about ten cuts and then washed my leg. It then started to burn and I let myself feel the pain. Forgot about Anthony. The mental pain grew numb as I concentrated on my physical pain. Tears threatened to push out of my eyes and I let them fall. Slow, deep, shuddering breaths. I locked the blade back up and collapsed on my bed. That jerk Anthony better not call me again or I'll... Before I could finish the thought, I fell asleep and didn't awake until lunchtime.

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