5 Great Uses for Notes

Hahaha, got your attention, didn't I? Here are my ideas. :)

Chapter 1

Ways to enjoy notes

1. Make a sticky note (add on) story. (Quibblo should have a 'search by keyword' option in the notes to make my 1st idea work better). The beauty of it is that there's a limited about of characters you can use (as in letters on the keyboard). Ta da! I'm going to try out this idea. The story is titled (in the title... title your note the same thing if you want to add to it) Annika Awake. Simply use the 'only friends' filter option. I will set it as 'only friends' can see it, so make sure you set that setting too. :)

2. Note to Self: Think about it. Notes is like a giant, online public refridgerator! If you have writers block on all of your current stories but still feel like writing, write a little something in a note. If you have a plot bunny, write it down there. If you have a character idea, write it down there! I say refridgerator because you post reminders on refridgerators. Simply set the note as 'only I can see', and then when you filter the settings like that on the notes page, BAM, all your creativity pinned onto a virtual bulletin board. :)

3. Writing prompts! Title your note 'writing prompt', and set it as 'everyone can see'. You can optionally ask people to tag the story with your username or something so that you can search for that keyword in the story search bar and find out how many people have used your prompt (assuming they bother to tag it).

4. The 'back cover' for your story.
Be careful with this one. If it's a crappy story, don't bother to advertise it. But you know what i mean by back cover, right? Ever walked into a book store, read the back cover blurb that tells you what the story's about, then decided to buy (or not to buy) the book? I definitely have. So do you have a story which has zero comments, almost no reads, but is your favorite story you've ever published on quibblo? Click 'create LINK note'. Paste the link to your story at the BOTTOM (if possible.. haven't tried the link option yet...). Before you post the link, write a SHORT (Shorter is better, because us lazy quibblonians don't want to click on your note to expand it, we just want to glance at it and click on the link) blurb about your book. Make it like a real back-cover blurb. If you don't know how, look it up online. I have. Dozens of real-life published authors talk about how to write one. Then, when you're feeling like reading a good story without randomly digging through your inbox, go to the notes page, search keyword as "Blurb" (Because you'll title every note that's a back-cover blurb as that, RIGHT people?), and browse through a whole bunch of blurbs at once. If one catches your eye, click on the link. If not, go to the next page brimming with stories. I'm sure only those who think they're story is awesome will bother to post a blurb. RIGHT?

5. To keep each-other updated.
Ar you writing a group story? Then update eachother using notes! Make story updates set by a keyword (ok, quibblo REALLY needs to add the keyword option... ) Okay, this was kind of lame. Don't worry, I have more ideas!

Random interval explaining a benefit of notes; No reply feature. So no haters replying rudely. At least not directly. :) Still needs improvements, if Quibblo is reading this.

6. Quote other quibblonians' stories (I was planning on going into a fake coughing fit and mentioning a certain story here... you know the one... xD). Quote yourself. Don't be too random, though. I'll admit it, I'm running out of ideas now.


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