Against Suicide

Chapter 1

My Part Of Life

I was reading my diary which I wrote probably one year ago.When I got through a heart break,depression,when you can't focus on your studies,etc.I know it sounds stupid reading how you feeled at that time.

But I guess my life's better now.I won't lie I didn't thought about suicide at that time when I was going through so much.And your parents didn't knew your friends wouldn't understand you and every night you would cry silently at bed.

At that time I became a two faced person one for my parents and my friends who thought I was happy seeing me smiling a fake smile everyday.
Another was real me which I never showed anyone who cried every night thinking why I looked like this,why I was no better,why I had to go through this much,why wouldn't anyone understand this there were many why's.
I thought about suicide twice I remember because I way more than just upset.I couldn't find happiness in my life.
Thinking about that time still upsets me but I'm happy now and I've realized just because you don't get what you want or what you deserve doesn't mean that life is horrible or watever.And I guess I've know to live my life wid atleast little happiness in my life.
This is for all those who ever thought about commiting suicide.
I know it is hard for you but suicide is not a solution rather it is running away.



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