The Weasleys Are Dead

I debated whether I would title this something less terrible, like "Tragedy at Hogwarts" or something, but this is a lot more... eye-catching.

Chapter 5

Quidditch Quibble

James Potter ran up to the quidditch pitch, firebolt 2000 in one hand and his dad's old snitch in the other. He hadn't told anyone else, but before every game he pocketed the tiny golden ball. It couldn't half fly anymore, but the fact that his dad had won his first game by catching this in his mouth felt somehow lucky. So lucky that that luck might rub off on him.

"Hey guys, are you ready to play?" Said Teddy Lupin, his Gryffindor team captain robes shining. Huge waves of noise washed over the stadium. Headmaster McGonagall was sitting with the Gryfindors like always, a fierce supporter of her house. Professor Longbottom, the actual head of Gryfindor house, was looking eager.

"Remember our formation!" Shouted Teddy over the chatter. "We stick to the plan, we crush Ravenclaw. Okay? Peter, do you understand? No wronskei feints for the fun of it!"

Peter Brown was their swollen-headed seeker. If he wasn't the best there was, he'd be kicked off the team.

"Yessir, Lupin," said Peter with a smirk. Teddy ignored him.

"James, Remember your pass! Don't make the same mistake again!"

James nodded and swallowed. Being a chaser wasn't easy.

"Bella Malfoy! Pay attention!"

The blonde haired girl looked at him without interest. The only thing she enjoyed was clobbering people with a bat. You would never know, what with her being under five feet tall.

"Don't get any more fouls or penalties, I know."

"Great! Everyone else, you know what to do!" Said Teddy with a nod. "Fred, try to work with Bella. It's time!"

The team stepped into the grass, allowing Teddy to shake hands with Hannah Finnigan, the Ravenclaw captain. Then the whistle was blown. James was in the air, sun beating down on him. The snitch whistled past his ear as it launched into the sky. The quaffle landed in his hands. Play-by-play, instant after instant, he was whisked along into the heated match.

~not gonna finish this chapter OR the story, sorry!!!

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