Ckick this, I have bad news.

Ckick this, I have bad news.

This is a story of a battle. A battle to fight what bad things your facing. Me? I have the answer. Remember, this is only the beginning!

Chapter 1

Day 1-4 of Bells Phalsy

As you may or may no know, I have Bells Phalsy. It's not the prettiest. Yes, personal experience. From far away, it's not noticeable, but in the person's eye, it's the biggest thing in the world. May 15, 2013 is when I caught it. It's not contagious or anything, but it still sucks! If you wanna know what Bells Phalsy is because some of you don't, message my in a, well, message. I will answer you. Some people try to ac like it's something to hide, it's not. If you try to hide it, you'll go straight to being judged. When people notice it, tell them the whole story, before they say anything! Then they'll be shocked by how your not afraid, even if you are! Stay strong, wish us luck.
Will make some more.


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