Anything But A Fantasy (A Hogwarts Love Story)

Anything But A Fantasy (A Hogwarts Love Story)

First year at magical school. Unheard of by Muggles. Only the best can succeed in the walls of Hogwarts. This includes many Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws, and Slytherins. But very few have discovered the secrets. Had the courage to face the deadly challenges. Harry Potter. Ronald Weasley. Hermione Granger. Draco Malfoy. And Riley Carlos.

Chapter 6

The Mystery Of The Sorting Hat

by: Pierced_
It has been a couple weeks since I started at Hogwarts. I haven't heard from my Dad, but my Mom wrote to me. I really hope he gets over it... at least by Christmas.Draco was still being nice to me and sneaking glances whenever he got the chance.
It was now mid-October and I was sitting in History Of Magic, taking notes on today's lesson Professor Binns was teaching.
"Excuse me, but Professor Binns?"
Everyone in the class turned around to see Dumbledore standing in the doorway.
"Yes, Headmaster?" said Professor Binns.
"May I speak to Miss. Carlos?" Dumbledore said. Me? What did I do?
"Very well, Mrs. Carlos you may leave." Binns said.
I got up from my desk, packing up my things and headed out the door, with Harry, Ron, Hermione looking at me strangely.
I followed Dumbledore in silence down the hallways until we got to a gargoyle statue.
"Lemon drop." Dumbledore says clearly.
Suddenly, the gargoyle leaped from its spot and the stone began to move and shift, revealing a staircase.
I gaped, then followed Dumbledore up the stairs to his office. When we got inside, he sat as his desk and I sat in one of the chairs. Next to me, I noticed Chris.
"So Miss. Carlos, it has occurred to me you were sorted into the House of Slytherin," Dumbledore started.
"Yes, but Headmaster, why does that matter?" I say.
"After hearing what happened with The Howler, I developed a theory, but I am not sure it is true..."
"What is the theory?" Chris asked.
"You'll see."
Dumbledore then took something off a shelf and dusted it off. The Sorting Hat.
The hat coughed and said, "Dumbledore, I thought I already sorted all the first years for this year."
"Just one more. Then you can go back on the shelf."
Wait, what's going on?
Dumbledore placed the hat on my head.
"Hm..." the hat said. "Yes, this one is very intelligent Dumbledore. Curious... Kind... Maybe a Hufflepuff... Do you have a preference?"
Dumbledore looked at me as if to say, 'Play along.'
"Um... not really." I say.
"Oh, I see. There is no doubt about it. RAVENCLAW!"
Dumbledore took the hat off my head. "You don't remember sorting this girl?" Dumbledore asked.
"No." the hat said.
"Carlos, Riley?"
"No, should I?"
Dumbledore was silent for a second. "No." he lied. "Just forget about it." He placed the hat back on the shelf.
"Thank you." the hat said and started to snore.
"Ok, so what does this mean?" Chris asks.
Dumbledore looked at Chris, then at me.
"Someone charmed the Sorting Hat to place you in Slytherin."
Chris and I looked at each other, bewildered.
"Who would do that?" I asked.
"I don't know, but I do know only very experienced and powerful wizards can preform this magic." Dumbledore said.
"Well, it couldn't be a student..." I mutter.
"No, it couldn't have. I'll try to figure it out. Meanwhile, you two may go back to your classes. I just wanted to inform you, and I will send a letter to your parents about this."
We nod and leave the room, thanking him.
"Great! Just another thing I need to add to my stress list!" I say sarcastically as we walk down the hallway.
"Hey, don't worry. I'm positive that Dumbledore will figure this out." Chris said.
We finally made it back to the History Of Magic classroom.
"Just be careful," Chris says and kisses my forehead.
"I will." I say and enter class again.
I finished up all my classes and finally I was walking to dinner with Harry, Ron, and Hermione.
"So Riley, what happened with the Headmaster?" Hermione asked.
I looked at all of them. "Promise you won't tell anyone?" I say. They all nod.
"Someone charmed the Sorting Hat to put me into Slytherin. Dumbledore doesn't know who did it or why." I explain.
"Bloody hell... why would anyone do that?" Ron asked.
I looked at Harry, who looked back at me with a concerned expression.
We finally reached the Great Hall and we separated.
As I sat down at the Slytherin table, I tell Lisa the whole story.
"Wow..." was all she could say when I finished.
This is a truly strange mystery. But little did I know, this was part of my fate.

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