Without Love {Michael Jackson}

Without Love {Michael Jackson}

Michael Jackson Love Story

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Chapter 1

Life's Like Rock n' Roll Without a Drummer

by: MrsRadke
Name: Dominique (Nikki) Banks
Age: (Chapter 1) 12, (chapter 2) 15, and (chapter 3) 18
-Born: November 5, 1964
Height: 5' 5"
Body: Hourglass figure, slim, curvy
Hair: Black/Brown, mid-back, wavy
Eyes: Brown/Hazel

June 1976- Los Angeles, California

"Okay, okay, okay. So you're trying to tell me that you actually saw him cheat on that test?" I asked my best friend, Janet, in shock.

She nodded her head, popping a chip into her mouth, "it was during math, and Kendra saw it too. We were talking about it all next period."

"Did anyone tell the teacher?"

"Nah... John would've just denied it, and he'd have been let off the hook. There was no proof that he really did it, you know?"

I nodded my head, taking a swig of my soda.

"Man, my parents would've beat the hell out of me if I ever cheated. I'd be grounded into the next century..." I said, exhaling loudly.

"I know, right?" Janet agreed, "but I think that Joe would be angrier at me than my mom. He beats us for the smallest things.... Well, not so much me, but the boys. Like last week, Michael was recording in the studio, and he and Joe were there for nearly the whole day because Michael, I guess, wasn't doing a very good job, and it was taking him many tries before he got everything correct. As soon as they got home, Joe yelled at Michael. Before long, Joe was slashing Michael with his leather belt..... I haven't seen him that mad in a few weeks. It was pretty scary." She concluded, looking off into the wall behind me as if reliving the moment. Her eyes darted back to me after a few seconds, waiting for my response.

"Wait, wasn't Michael just getting over his laryngitis last week?" I asked her.

"That's my point. It wasn't his fault that he couldn't hit all of the notes! It was must've been hurting his throat terribly.... at least, that's what he told me the next morning after Joe went out."

My mouth was slightly open with shock, "is he alright?" I pressed, slightly leaning forward.

"Don't worry, he's fine now."

I sighed in relief, "good. I hate seeing him hurt." I said, looking down and pouting my lip as I lingered on the thought. Janet glanced at me questioningly and smirked, "did you really just say that?" She slightly laughed.

"Janet, don't play dumb. You know that I like him," I said.

"Newsflash sister, your 'baby boy' still doesn't know you exist," she commented, stifling more laughter.

I scoffed playfully, "yes he does! I'm always hanging around here, and I just saw him a couple days ago when we were walking into your house after the park. He looked at me with those gorgeous brown eyes and said, 'hey, what's up?'," I shivered and fell back onto her bed, "I could've died right then and there, you know." I smiled at her, still lost in the memory.

That's when Janet couldn't hold it in any longer, and burst out laughing. "You're pathetic, Nikki!" She managed to get in as she continued to laugh. I shrugged and nodded, "hey, there's nothing wrong--"

Just then Janet's door open the slightest bit and in popped none other than Michael himself.

I softly gasped and bit my lip as he walked closer to us. He sat down on the floor right in front of us.

"Hey Nikki," he greeted me first, with one of his dazzling smiles. I blushed a soft pink, "hey Michael . . ." I said softly.

He then turned to Janet, "hey, Joe told me that we're gonna be having a barbecue later. Apparently some record dealer is coming over and he wants us all to make a good impression so we can get signed. He said that you and Nikki need to stay inside until he tells you to come eat."

Janet groaned, "ugh, but Michael! We were gonna go outside and swim!"

"Sorry sis, but your plans are cancelled."

We both frowned. I looked away from them both, and tried to focus on not making a fool of myself in front of Michael. Janet soon spoke again, "well what about when the guy leaves? We still want to go out."

"Joe's not gonna let you go out unless someone is watching you two. You know that. It ain't safe around here anymore."

"Awe, c'mon! We're thirteen years old, I think we can take care of ourselves."

Michael shrugged, "well apparently Joe doesn't think so. No means no; you know that as well as I do."

Janet sighed softly. I glanced back up at her just in time to see her give Michael puppy eyes.

"It's not happening." Michael said, with a slight smirk. "Janet, you're too old for those puppy eyes."

Janet slid onto the floor with him and grabbed his arm tightly, "pleeeease Mikey? It's not like you have to take us anywhere. You just need to come out and watch us. Just for an hour!" Janet glanced at me and back at Michael, hinting it at me to say something. I considered it for a minute and rolled over onto my stomach and looked up at him, "please Michael? It won't be for long. I'll have came all the way here for nothing if we don't."

He slightly chuckled, "girl, you only live four houses down!"

I blushes again in embarrassment, "yeah, but still! I don't got a pool!" I slightly jutted my lip out, "pleeeease?" I begged. He glanced at Janet, who was still clinging to his arm, then back at me, and sighed.

"Fine. But only for an hour!"

"Yes!" We said in unison. Janet let go of Michael and crawled back up onto the bed with me. Michael stood up and brushed himself off, "I'll be back for you girls later," he said.

And with that, he slipped back out the door as quickly as he came.


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