Fear Has Taken Over

This is a story about war and survival.

Chapter 1

Melody Woolridge

(picture to the left is what she looks like and what she wears, she wears the jacket at night usually because it is cold)
I am 15, in the middle of a war, and family-less. I'll try to explain to you what has happened, though I don't even entirely understand.
"Mom. Who are these people outside?" I ask.
I am just a naive 13 year old girl-yeah, the war has been going on for 2 years- at the moment.
"What people sweetie?" Mom asks.
"Those people. The ones marching outside our window." I say, pointing out the big window.
My mom walks over to where I am sitting and looks outside. Her face immediatly turns ashen.
"What's wrong mom?" I ask, alarmed
"Nothing. I need to call your father. Go get your brother and sisters." Mom instructs.
"Okay." I say, worried
I run upstairs to see my 3 year old brother(Jack), my 6 year old sister(Carly), and my twin sister(Bell).
"Mom wants to see us all downstairs." I say.
"Okay." Bell says.
Bell is one of those bouncy, go happy girls, but she is-was- very rebellious. Carly was just one of those follow the leader girls and she always followed Bell, Jack...well, he always followed Mom and Dad did. We all went downstairs, thought I don't know what anyone else thought, I was very worried.
"I know, but please." I hear Mom say.
There is silence for a few moments then I hear Mom reply, "Thank you."
"What was that about, Mommy?" Jack asks.
"Daddy is coming home early, Jack." Mom says, with a smile.
"Why?" Carly asks in a small voice.
"Because...just because, Carly. " Mom replies, slowly.
Then everything started happening at sonic speed.
Soldiers burst through the door saying something about, "Will you obey or die?"
Mom steps forward and says, "I will never ever obey under unfair ruling."
"Are you saying you would rather die?" The leader of the soldiers ask.
"...Yes," Mom turns around and says, "I love you all so much, remember that."
I hear a gunshot and see my mothers body fall to the ground.
"Mommy!!" Jack yells, running towards Moms body.
"Jack don't!" I yell.

"Hey! That was my little brother!" Bell yells-I did say she was rebellious-.
"Yeah." Carly says, putting her little hands on her hips.
"Guys, sush." I whisper
"Will you obey or die?" The leader asks.
Instead of anwsering, Bell runs to the soldiers as though she was going to try and take them out and Carly follows suit.

I watch my twin sister fall to the ground and then my 6 year old sister. Dad walks in all sweaty and sees everyone but my on the ground, dead and then the soldiers. He screams and runs to the soldiers with his hands up.
"Dad n-!" I start, but am interuppted by another bang.
"Now, you. Do you choose to obey or die?" The leader asks me.
I start to think about it, "Well, I could;
A. Say I will obey and become apart of the mindless drones
B. I could die here and now like my family
C. I could obey and secretly be apart of a rebellion if one should come up."
"Choose!" The leader says holding his gun up.
"I choose to obey." I say mentally choosing C.
"Okay, smart girl." The leader says.
Everyone leaves, leaving me to mourn over my dead family.

Now, 2 years later, I am part of the rebellion, my weapons are a rifle, an handgun, and as a backup...a hammer, now I know what you're think. A hammer? Really? But it is an amazing weapon to have. My name is Melody Woolridge.


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