Story contest(s)!!!!

Well, since my other story contest totally failed, I thought I'd have a new one:)

This time you can pick which contest you would like to enter. You can even enter both if you would like!

Go to Chapter One for a different kind of story contest

Go to Chapter Two for a basically regular contest....

Chapter 1

One type of story contest...

So I got this idea from a Quibblo friend (I don't mean to steal your idea, I just really love it). Anyone that participates in the contest will get a lyric from a song, based on a number they choose, and they will then have to write a short story that goes along with the lyric.

Now, you don't have to take the lyric really seriously, it just has to make sense. Have fun with it! It can be as many chapters as you like, and if you wanted to use the lyric for a fan-fiction, be my guest!

If you would like to enter, please just comment below saying you would like to enter, and please include your chosen number. If someone already has that number, I will ask you to pick again so no two people have the same lyric. There will only be about twenty spots, so sign up soon!

The only thing you can't do is submit an already written story of yours. Sorry, but it just doesn't make much sense for this contest.

I will announce prizes later. The deadline is probably gonna be around June 20, but that may change if people need more time.

Thanks again, and if your not that into this idea, you can always check out chapter two for another story contest:)

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