A Terrible Fate (BEN Drowned fanfic)

After realizing the lack of stories of who Ben is and how he actually "drowned," I decided to do this for fun. This is my version of what happened and I might add some kind of epilogue and attatch it later on...
Ben Drowned, Jeff the Killer (Jeffery Woods), and Liu Woods all belong to their respective creators and I do not claim them in any way. The only things I do own are Tanner, Mark, Elizabeth, their mother, and the story idea.

Chapter 1

A Terrible Fate

by: Foopadoop
"You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?"

I bet you've heard those words before. Maybe on the internet or some bloke off the street in a weird Link cosplay has said it to you. Does the name 'Ben' ring a bell? Or how about 'BEN Drowned'? Yeah, that's me. The same BEN that supposedly haunts Majora's Mask and roams the internet searching for his next victim. The same guy that idiot Jasudable made such a big f-ing deal about and decided to post his "findings" online who whoever wanted to look at. Yeah, I'm pretty popular. Like that Slenderman or Eyeless Jack. Bah, all those stupid rumors out there are enough to make one's head explode. I will admit, a small handful of those are correct. Well, in some way. True, I did chase Jasudable out of his house and toy with him a bit. And yes, I have used the internet to manipulate people for my own pleasure and occasionally kill them afterwords. Granted, it was for the sake of my own sanity that I do these things. Granted, it was for the sake of my own sanity that I do these things. But no, I do not run around all willy-nilly slaying people like in some corny slasher movie like that Jeff idiot. And I'm definitely NOT a drug addict, I only have the occasional drink or smoke in moments of boredom or depression.

You may think lowly of me at the moment. I don't blame you. I'm a stupid, sadistic jerk that likes to do horrible, horrific things for my own entertainment. I do not deny this. But what else can I do? It's not like I care about the victim's families and what they think when that person kills themselves in a moment of insanity. I'm dead. I don't give a f-. As I've come to see it, they're all just pawns in a large, never ending game of chess. They all get knocked out in the end. It just depends on your next move.

Besides, like I said earlier. It's not like I have anything else to do for the rest of my dead life. I'm not like those other pitiful souls who chose to stay in the place they used to live and groan about how they oh so much wish that they were alive again and with their loved ones, and all the things they still want to do and blah, blah, f-ing blah. No thanks. I'd rather stick to my domain in the internet and play with my "toys."

Ha! Look at me, talking to a human! I've stooped to a new level of low. Like I'll gain anything by sitting here and conversing with you like we're old chums or whatever. I've already disgraced myself enough by making contact with a lower life form like you without a single thought to harm or kill you crossing my mind. Ah... well... I might as well get this over with. About my time someone heard my side of the story. Oh? Didn't think I had one, did you? Heh. Typical for a human to automatically assume a being like me just appeared out of nowhere. Though I sometimes wish that were the case instead of having to deal with my past. Then again, I'd probably go mad trying to find out how I came to be then then driving myself insane trying to forget a past I already have. No matter. It is what it is. Now, I think it's about time someone knew what truly happened...


"Did ya get it?"

"Yeah. But if Tanner finds out, he'll skin my a- alive!"

Ben held up the old game cartridge to show his friend and swiped a strand of brown hair from his eyes. It was true. Majora's Mask was his brother's favorite game. If he found out he had it.... well... let's just say he'd suffer the consequences.

Mark grinned, flashing his canines in a triumphant smile. "He'll never know it's gone," the teen declared. "Besides, he spends all his time with his gang at the mall. He'll never figure it out."

Ben nodded in agreement. It was true. His older brother barely spent any time at home anymore; rather spending his time hanging out with his clique at the downtown mall.

He saw his friend reach eagerly for the cartridge eagerly. Smirking, the brunette snatched his hand back and put the game back safely in his pocket. "Nope. You have to wait until after school," he chuckled at his friend. Mark seemed to deflate.

"Can't. My parents are dragging me to some family reunion in Texas. We'll be there for the entire week."

Ben frowned slightly. "Dude, that f-ing sucks." Mark's reply was a nod of agreement and he stood to his feet.

"I know! That means I'll have to wait a whole 'nother week after break to play that bad boy." He sighed and the two picked up their things at the sound of the bell. Nodding, Mark headed off in the opposite direction.

"Don't play that game without me, alright? I want to be there to finally beat a game before you!"

Ben rolled his eyes and waved him off in reply, making his way to to the other side of the schoolyard for his next class. On his way, he passed by a group of kids, recognizing his brother laughing in the middle of them. He rolled his eyes and tried to skirt around the large crowd. If someone was to find one major difference between the brothers, it would be their personalities. Tanner was one of those kids who would do anything to get what he wanted. He was grouped with the "populars," which made sense. Tanner was top in the football team, maintained pretty much perfect grades, and was being good looking helped with earning the hearts of the local cheerleaders. Wavy blonde hair, slightly tanned skin from playing sports, a nice athletic build, and the bright blue eyes the girls died for; all traits inherited from their father. Yeah, Tanner had it pretty good. Ben, on the other hand was... well... average. Average grades, average classes, average looking, just plain... average. He was the social outcast; rather wanting to spend his time playing video games at home then gossip with peers about the newest rappers and which of the dance line members had the biggest boobs. And it wasn't that he was a nerd or ugly or anything. He was just a loner. Taking after his mom rather then his dad; he would glare at people through bright green eyes. His pale skin and shaggy, unkempt brown hair bothered his teachers, and he was ridiculed for his lazy slouch. It really didn't bother him what other people thought though. He didn't mind that he had only one friend in school, and of course the bullies pissed him sometimes, but he got by just fine.

Ben stumbled as one of the jockeys stuck out his foot, tripping him. He ignored the hisses of "Loser!" and the taunting laughs of the populars. He scowled at his brother who had joined in, and hurried into the building. In his hast to enter, he ran into an eighth grader on the way to his science class. The taller boy growled and shoved him aggressively.

"Watch where you're going, elf boy," the teen hissed. Ben growled and stared defiantly at the other. He couldn't help he was short.

"Not my fault you weren't watching where you were going, over-sized oaf," he shot back. The other teen narrowed his blue eyes in anger and lifted Ben up by his jacket.

"You little f-ing-!"

"Jeff, come on! We're gonna be late again if you don't come on!"

Ben let out a mental sigh of relief as Jeff dropped him and snatched his fallen bag off the ground.

"Yeah, yeah. Calm down, I'm coming Liu!" Jeff glared back at the younger teen. "Watch where you're going next time, dumba-." With that he turned and ran off to catch up with Liu. Ben grumbled under his breath and began to pick up his own things off the ground, letting out a frustrated sigh when someone kicked his papers farther away. The late bell rang and teachers began to close and lock their doors. Great... Thank god it's Friday...

Ben sighed and closed the front door behind him, relieved the day was over. Now he could finally enjoy the freedom of fall break. After that, it was back to the hell hole of West Davidson Middle School. Fan-f-ing-tastic...

"Mom! I' home!" he shouted into the house, walking casually into the living room and tossing his bag on the couch. An excited giggle answered back and he stumbled as he was tackled from behind in a hug.


The teen glanced down and smiled warmly. "Hey Lizzie," he laughed and ruffled the eight year old's blonde hair. "You're home from school early."

"That's because she supposedly had a tummy ache, but I think she's over it."

Elizabeth glanced innocently up at her mother, who had just entered the room.

"I'm feeling better now. It's just when I was at school my tummy hurt," she insisted. Ben laughed while his mother rolled her eyes.

"Then I'm sure you're well enough to go finish packing your things for our trip. We're leaving in a few minutes," she tutted and shooed Elizabeth out into the hall. She stood back to her full height and straightened out her wrinkled blouse, sharing a smirk between her and her son.

"Are you sure you don't want to tag along, sweetie?" she asked, green eyes questioning. "You don't have to stay here with your brother. And I'm sure your father would be glad to see you."

The teen shook his head. "I promised Mark I would help him with his project for school," he lied. Their original plan was for Ben to go over to his friends house for the week, but that crashed when Mark left for his family reunion. He didn't like lying to his mom, but it felt necessary to him. "Besides, you know I don't like to travel much."

His mother smiled softly. "I know. I just thought I'd ask..." The woman sighed tiredly and picked up her keys from the coffee table, walking with her son back to the front door. "Well... you know what to do. No wild party's while I'm gone, don't eat all the junk food, and for heaven's sake; please try to keep the house clean! I don't want to come home and it looks like you tried to form a zoo in here! And remember to-"

Ben rolled his eyes. "I know, I know. Remember to call if I'm going somewhere or if someone's coming over. I know the drill, I'm not little anymore!" he complained. His mother smiled.

"Okay, I get it." She turned and shouted up the stairs. "Lizzie, dear! Hurry up please!"

"I'm ready!" came the reply and the young girl bounded downstairs excitedly, giving Ben a quick hug then running to the car with her pink suitcase in hand. His mom turned to her son and gave him and brought him into a hug.

"You be good my little Benjamin, okay? Don't get into any trouble."


Laughing, she ruffled his brown hair fondly. "Okay! Okay! I keep forgetting how much you've grown."

A loud honk sounded outside and his mom pulled away, planting a kiss on his cheek. Ben shook his head and grinned.

"I think someone's getting a little impatient." He smirked and glanced outside. Elizabeth was leaning out of the backseat window, gesturing wildly for their mother to hurry up. He also spotted Tanner slouching down the sidewalk with his earbuds in, his blue eyes darting between his younger brother and his mom. The blonde glared at Ben, and the younger male stuck his tongue out immaturely back.

Their mom didn't notice the exchange, only walking outside and toward the car. When she passed her oldest son, she gave him a quick hug and kiss before climbing into the front seat of her car.

"Bye sweeties! Remember to call if you need anything!"

Tanner grunted in response and pushed past Ben, whispering "Loser," as he passed by. The younger boy rolled his eyes and waved back at his mother and sister, shouting, "See you when you get home!" He watched them wave back and drive off down the road until the car disappeared form sight. He closed the door behind him and headed to his room, not knowing it'd be the last time they'd see each other again.


"No! You stupid cuckoos! Leave me the hell alone!!"

Ben stared intently at the screen, growling in impatience as he tried to escape from a horde of angry chickens. He had accidentally caused Link to hit an already pissed off chicken with his sword while cutting grass in a village, making the entire flock swarm after him. He let out a sigh of relief as he ran out the village and escaped from the attack. Never f- with a chicken.

It had been three days into the vacation, and already he was almost finished with Majora's Mask. He had decided to take a break from the story line and instead going back and getting any extras he might have missed, using the ocarina to go back to the first day and save. He paused the game and stood up, stretching. After three days of pretty much playing non-stop, he figured it was about time to take a break. Besides, he could always get back to it later. He still had some time before his brother got home.He saved the game and took out the cartridge, putting the game inside his pillowcase. Tanner had yet to find out he had taken his game, but he didn't want to take any chances. That, and he felt safer with it hidden. He wandered out into the hall and was about to head downstairs, but was shoved against the wall by his brother. And he did NOT look happy.

"Where's the game?" he growled, blue eyes narrowed. Ben decided to play the clueless card.

"What are you talking about. Which game are you missing?"

Tanner only hissed and pushed him aside, storming into Ben's room. He heard stuff being tossed and torn open, and then an angry yell. He winced as the sound reached him. Sh-.


The younger teen took off running down the stairs, his angry brother running after him. He ran outside, hoping to jump the fence and hide for awhile to give his brother time to cool off, but was stopped when Tanner grabbed the back of his shirt and pushed him down.

"What have I told you about taking my things, dumba-?" he snarled and pinned Ben's arms to the ground. Ben tried to struggle from the blonde's grip, but to no avail.

"I'm sorry, okay? I won't do it again!"

"You think you're so special, don't you?" he growled angrily, tightening his grip. "Think you can just go in my room and go through my things whenever you feel like it and it'll be okay? Just because your momma's boy, doesn't mean you can do sh- like that, Benjamin!"

"I told you I'm sorry okay?" he grumbled back in annoyance and struggled harder. Tanner only laughed in response, a spark of insanity flashing in his eyes. "Sorry brother, I'm gonna have to teach you a lesson now."

Ben let out a groan and winced as Tanner drew his hand back, preparing for the punch in the face he knew he was about to get. But he quickly filled with fear when his brother brought out his pocket knife from the pocket of his jeans.

"Wh-what are you d-doing with that?" he stuttered out, his green eyes widening in terror when the other let out a cold merciless laugh.

"Revenge little brother."

Ben let out a scream as the blade punctured through his left eye, creating a sick squishing noise as it did. Pain flared up around the eye and his left vision turned red as the eye fluid and blood began to leak from his eye and over the surface. The brunette's breathing became labored and he let out whimpers of pain before taking a deep breath.


Tanner seemed to pay no mind to his brother's pain, only yanking the knife from the socket and detaching the eye with it. Ben let out another screech of pain as his face flared up again. The older blonde laughed and shook his brother's blood from the tarnished blade. "Scream all you want brother," he snickered, trailing the tip across Ben's cheek, drawing a small trail of blood. "No one will hear you."

The younger teen grit his teeth against the throbbing pain on the left side of his face. "Why are you doing this?" he whimpered, watching the fifteen year old closely with what remained of his damaged eyesight. Tanner shot him a twisted grin .

"That was for taking my game, even though I told you not to." He laughed and raised the knife again; slowly pushing the sharp metal into Ben's remaining eye. He let out a hiss through his clenched teeth, trying hard to hold back the scream of pain that bubbled up in his throat. He was a bit more prepared then he was the first time, but that still didn't help the firing pain that followed. His vision turned red again, but quickly went black as the knife was yanked out again, his eye with it. The teen couldn't help but let out a strangled shout as the pain flared up again. He had to bite back a sob and desperately tried to shove his brother away, but to no avail.

"Wh-why are you do-doing this?" he asked again, gagging slightly at the blood that spilled into his mouth. "It's just a st-stupid game!"

His brother chuckled softly from somewhere on his side and Ben tossed his head around to get a sense of where his assailant was in his state of blindness. He felt Tanner's hands leave his wrists and was suddenly yanked up by his shirt.

"That's for stealing mom and Lizzie's favorites and making them forget about me," the older boy hissed in his ear. Ben shivered and struggled to get away from this... monster. He flailed his fists blindly in a desperate fight for freedom, gasping slightly when he made contact and heard a thud. Ignoring the groan of pain at his feet, he ran as best he could with his arms out to look out for obstacles. Hope rose in him when he didn't hear Tanner running after him, and finally thought he was home free. Suddenly, the ground disappeared from under his feet and he fell with a yelp into a deep pool of water with a splash, realizing he had fallen into their ground pool.

Panic overwhelmed him as he became submerged underwater, his lungs burning as water rushed into them as he tried to take a breath. He flailed his limbs, unable to find the surface of the pool. As more of the offending liquid entered and burned his lungs, he began to drift of. His panic went away, replacing itself with a drowsy feeling as he let himself sink to the bottom. A small splash echoed somewhere above his head, but he didn't care anymore. He just slowly relaxed and finally let go of life, ceasing his living existence...


"After three months, the search for Benjamin Thomas' murder has been called off. Authorities have stated that the death of the thirteen year old has been stated as suicide. The search for the only suspect and witness that might be tied in, fifteen year old Tanner Thomas, has also been called off...."

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