Being a Hyuga is troublesome (a Shikamaru story)

Being a Hyuga is troublesome (a Shikamaru story)

Returning from an anbu mission Naoko (seen in title image) meets her cousin and twin brother friends who are shocked by her personality, She quickly makes friends with the others and starts to think up ways to get Hinata with Naruto, but will she find herself falling for one of the boys.

Chapter 1

Returning home

I was tired out and glad to be back in the hidden leaf village, after the rather long mission. my team gave my report to the new Hokage, as well as handing in the criminal we caught and we were filled in on why the village was in a mess. After I quickly paid my respects for the third Hokage and the other lost in the fight with the sound ninja and headed home, exhausted and aching. When I got in I saw Hanabi sat in the room with her dad. I nodded slightly her dad who was facing my way
"Did everything go ok?" He asked curiously
"It was fine Uncle, no one was killed, we caught the guy, not a great welcome seeing the village almost destroyed and learning the third Hokage is dead but the mission was fine" I answered.and Hanabi turned, saw me jumped up squealed and tackled me with a hug.
"I'm glad your back, I missed you" Hanabi beamed
"Thanks, I missed you too Hanabi, where's Neji and Hinata?" I asked curiously.
"Hinata's in hospital after a battle with Neji during the chunin prilimary exam before the finals, Neji's in his room" Hanabi replied. I nodded and headed up to see him.I knocked on the door and he responded telling me to come in.
"So brother what's this I hear about a battle with Hinata?" I questioned
"It was for the chunin exams" He shrugged
"So your saying she ended up in hospital because it was for the chunin exams, don't insult me by lying to me Neji, I've done the chunin exams and I know how they work she would've given up before it got to bad, Also your my twin we've been together since we were born, I know when your hiding something from me, it's because of the whole thing with the main branch isn't it?" I said knowing the truth straight away. He looked down.
"Maybe" he mumbled
"Tell me the full story because if you don't and I hear something from someone else I think is important, you'll regret it" I warned and he started to tell me what happened. When he had finished I knew he had told me everything and hit him. "You shouldn't be so harsh on her and I don't just mean in battle, Her parents barely pay attention to her because she struggles and put her down for it picking to train Hanabi as the Heir to the Hyuga main branch which make Hinata feel worthless and leaves her with a lack of confidence and it's the lack of confidence in her abilities which causes her to struggle even more which makes people put her down more and it ends up being a vicious cycle" I said starting to rant.
"I've found things just as hard as you did when dad was killed, but I don't go treating Hinata or Hanabi bad because of it, what if we had switched how would you feel in Hinata's if it had been our dad born first, our uncle who had given his life for the family and one of them treated you the way you treat Hinata even though you didn't do anything?" I asked waiting for him to reply
"I guess I wouldn't like it" He mumbled
"exactly so go easy on her will you rather than putting her down compliment her achievements rather than pointing out her faults, will you? If not for her, then for me please?" I asked giving him puppy eyes
"Fine I'll not insult her and put her down any more, happy?" He agreed
"Yes" I smiled
"Hey Naoko, I'm glad your back" He smiled
"and I'm glad to be back, but i'm exhausted so I'm going to bed, night Neji" I smiled back and headed to my room, I changed into some pajamas and fell asleep the moment my head hit the pillow.

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