Real Wars

I decided to try out for the new writing contest with a short story :)
Thanks to anyone who reads or rates

Chapter 1

Real Wars

by: aquag
I put my new shades on as I walked out on the sunny day. The lovely weather lifted my spirits up even more. My good mood that day was due to the release of the new Guild Wars 3D for which the local game store hosted a small event. I would be able to try out the game before I buy it, unless the queue is too long.

When I entered the store it was filled with the frustrated talk of gamers, it turned out the store had technical difficulties and for now no one was allowed to play. I got a ticket for the queue and sighed as I read the number 10.

Since none of my friends had arrived at the time I decided to check out the cosplayers, all of which had done a good job. Time seemed to fly while I was talking to these people and making new friends and taking pictures I was even invited to a guild that wasn't even made yet.

Luckily for me, by the time the difficulties were overcome most of the people waiting had given up so I was the first person in the queue. I sat in front of the big screen, feeling a bit uncomfortable under the gazes of my small audience, since I was probably going to mess up so many times when trying out this game for the first time. I rushed through the character creation, not wanting to waste the little time I had to play and jumped straight into the action with the new 3D technology for the animations and soon enough I was rewarded as the first battle started. There were many people fighting the big monster online already and I could see the game through the screen as if I was looking out my window. Even when the camera shook it was as if I could feel an actual earthquake. I was so into the game that I didn't question why the monster actually looked like it was reaching out of the monitor towards me, I dodged with my character and felt a gust of wind as if my enemy's hand had just waved in front of me. I barely dodged a fireball and while I was attacking I started to smell something burning.

I jumped out of the chair when I realized the smoke was coming from behind me. I tried to put out the flames by stomping on it when another fireball flew in. I looked towards the screen just in time to see the monster literally stepping out of it. My heart was thumping so hard I could hear it, the situation was so impossible I decided I was dreaming. I looked around, the people around me seemed as shocked as I was. Then a boy yelled "Look out!", I instinctively rolled to dodge thinking how different this seemed in the game when you can't feel the impact with the hard ground. I had just evaded a fireball but the swing of the arm got me before I had the chance to dodge again. I decided I preferred to play games rather than to dream about them when the attack knocked my breath out, even though whatever it was felt a bit too real for a dream or a game. I was shaken out of my attempts to wake up when one of the cosplayers yelled "Catch" and threw the staff from her outfit at me. 'Now what?' I thought as I caught it, 'I don't have buttons to cast my spells.' I tried to move my hands like the characters in the game but nothing happened. I dodged another attack and tried to remember what all the spells of my character did and what buttons they were assigned to. As soon as I thought of the button 1 the spell assigned to it activated. I decided this was the most awesome dream ever as I started to fight the monster.

Soon enough, other people around me had taken up weapons and joined me in the battle. I kept dodging attacks and casting spells as others healed or used their own attacks against the enemy. When we actually defeated it I felt like a real hero, protecting innocents and surviving great battles, but my celebration was short lived since my eyelids started feeling heavy and everything turned black.

I woke up in a hospital, to the sight of my worried mother, she was told there was some accident with the special effects for a show organized by the store. I saw my brand new sunglasses, broken on a cupboard beside me. I thought 'I must have broken them while...' I wasn't sure what while, was I playing, dreaming, or both, or maybe it really was the new special 3D effects.

The next day I read an announcement, the developers were claiming the game was unfinished so they are taking it out of the market. I rubbed the side of my neck, remembering it still hurt from all the dodging or whatever happened that day. As exciting as it was I was actually glad that whatever I played did not reach the market, I preferred sitting in a cozy chair and killing only when the enemy was behind the screen, rather than having to put fires out and rolling away from attacks. I didn't need monsters to make the world out of the computer interesting.


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