Who wants to be on my top friends? XD

Chapter 1

Hello people! =D

Okay, so, it's me, Esther!!! Welp, guess what, I need your help!!! Yes, your help! I know Quibblo pretty recently changed it to where you can have 12 top friends, and sadly, I don't have many people on there I even know... (No offense to those of you who are on my top friends...) I don't really have Quibblo friends I message regularly, but I would like to. =]
So, if you are a Quibblo member who wants to fill up their top friends with people they really know, please tell me! Because I need some more friends people, I need friends!!! So who will do it? Who will be on my top friends? Who will start messaging me? Who will be my buddy!?!?

Thanks for letting me waste your time,


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