Everything I don't like about "Notes"

I hate when good websites change stuff.

Chapter 1

Hi. Yeah. I WANTED this to be seen, so I chose an option where it would be.

Well, read the chapter title. I make things into quizzes and stories so that they will be SEEN. And sometimes something that's not a "story" story and it's super long and I need a save button over there.

Oh the save button fight. I was part of that. Back when everyone was demanding a save button. Before it was there. That's right, people who haven't been here for a long time like me, that wasn't always there. They added it. Do we have to do that again? Well until then, I will keep using stories like I always have. Rants and such, you know...like I'm doing NOW?!? This is something I WANT to be seen by everyone. Which brings us to our next reason.

No invites? You expect us to be okay with not getting credit for what we created? I want my friends to see my rants, song lyrics, and sometimes even thoughts. Invites serve big importance around these parts.

And also, I like using chapters. You say you want us to start putting our dreams and our lyrics there? Okay, add back the "edit" button. And I have this "Story" where I post weird dreams. I like to keep them all together. And another one with strange laws. That one only even makes any sense put together!

And about that edit button. You want us to post our lyrics and dreams and stuff, but you consider notes to be "Quick Thought"? No, song lyrics are not "Quick Thought". So it really makes more sense to post as a story. I can understand if people are using stories to post, like, I don't know, "Suuuppp" or something like that...okay, I get it. But I never do that, so why should I change my story making habits? I shouldn't, so I won't. It makes sense to me the way it is now. And also, even if that was all I had to say, I would still want my friends to see it.

No, I like using stories. Stories are greeeaaaattt. Quite useful. I'm not going to use them any differently. I can't tell you HOW MUCH IT BUGS ME that I can't send invites. So much. Obviously the worst part of all this. And why can't we add tags and whatnot? Maybe I want notes of a specific topic. Okay, I understand why that's not really...you don't have to do anything about that. But could you at least, please, let us send invites? Then maybe I might tolerate this.


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