Spritle's daughter

Spritle's daughter, Kaylynn, comes home after being kicked out of her old school. Warning: Language in second chapter, and spanking of a twelve-year-old.

Chapter 1


by: Ardelia
Disclaimer: I do not own "Speed Racer: The Next Generation"©, anything with

an ©, ®, or ™. And the character Conor from the show is spelled that way

because Nicktoons© spells it that way on the website. Contains OCs. "I made

up the Racer boys middle names.

Spritle sat down in a desk chair in front of Speed, who was on the bed. "I know

I told you your aunt had a baby three years before she died."

"You named the child Kaylynn." X said, right beside Speed.

"Yes. I've sent her to a boarding school in Vernon, Alabama. After her mother

died, I couldn't raise her on my own. My friend Connor Knightly raised her. He

sent me pictures of her." Spritle pulled his wallet out and opened it. He showed

his nephews a picture of their cousin. She had green eyes, brown hair to her

shoulders, a light mole on her chin, and a small one on her right cheek.

"She's adorable!" Speed said. Spritle chuckled.

"She looks just like your aunt, down to those moles. She's twelve, and is on a

pranking streak. She's pulled one too many, so she's been kicked out of West

Academy. She's coming home tomorrow. Speed, will you take my car and pick

her up at the airport? She'll be coming in after school, but before I can get off.

She has one last day of school. X, I only ask him because they are closer in


"Yes, sir, I understand."

"I want you here when she comes home. You can ask Lucy, Conor,

Annalise.......anyone you want to welcome her home. Her pranks were not

limited to fellow students."

"Yes, sir. How many bags will she have?" Speed asked.

"In his letter, Connor said four, including her carry-on. I'll have to make you a

sign so that she can recognize you. Don't forget your driver's license, because

the stewardess won't hand her over to you until she knows who you are. I know

that ordinarily, you don't want to be recognized, but safety first."

"Thanks, Headmaster."

"If that's all, I have some studying to do." X said.

"Yes, of course. Education is important." Spritle said, standing up and taking

the chair back to the desk. He and Speed left X's room. Speed went back to

his and Conor's room. Spritle went home to get ready for Kaylynn's arrival.


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