So I Guess This is Good-Bye

I have made my decision in advance. . . .

Chapter 1

I'm Deleting

I have made my decision, and I am deleting. I know it's earlier than the date I set, but I feel like it's time to go. I have various reasons for this, but the main one is that I'm tired of Quibblo and don't really want to be on here anymore. I have accounts on other, more interesting sites and they seem to offer so much more than Quibblo, to me at least.

I know I'm leaving some stories unfinished, as well as leaving amazing group stories, but when the time comes, it comes. I put in a two-weeks notice, and even then I knew it was two weeks too long to stay on here. I wanted to see, in that two weeks, that I could get into Quibblo again, and I just couldn't. And even though it hasn't been two weeks, I know the time has come.

I know I haven't talked to the majority of you, and again that's only because I'm very boring and apparently not random enough, and I don't have the nerve to just start a conversation because I'm rather shy and reserved. I have accounts on Wattpad, Quotev, and Tumblr if you ever do want to talk, or follow me if you have an account (I always follow back). If you ever want to know the ending to one of my stories, just ask and I will gladly tell you.

Well, this is good-bye for either good or for now--if you have an account on one of the previously mentioned sites. I sincerely wish you all the best and thank you for reading and taking my stories/quizzes.

Adieu mes amis! ~Skyla, a.k.a. ReachingNirvana
(Plus if you want, I will message you my e-mail if you really do want to talk because I won't officially delete until tomorrow.)

Here are the links to the aforementioned websites I have accounts on:

Merci pour la lecture et au revoir, mes amis.
(Thanks for reading and good-bye, my friends.) :)


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