Together At Last

Chapter 1

#1 Last Day Of Collage

Good morning! shouted Morgan as she yanked the covers of my half a-wake body. 5 more minutes I said pulling the pillow back over my face. OK she said as she strolled down the stairs of our freshly cleaned house "your gonna be late,again" I hopped out of my bed with the grate full thought of last day I can do it in my head. As I searched my room for my towel I looked at the clock I have 15 minutes too get ready. I then reach for my freshly ironed uniform right when I pick it up I hear Cecily singing Friday " it's Friday, Friday i have the biggest brain ever." "More like no brain at all" said Morgan in a frustrated tone "and put on some cloths."

After my shower I raced to do my make-up and hair. when I was done I packed my bag and headed out of my room. at the breakfast table Morgan looked so happy so I asked her "whats up with you?" she said "there gonna be back on Monday" OK I said as I gently placed me cereal boll in the sink i'm going now OK said Morgan good bye.

When I got to my class every one was cleaning out their lockers and teachers were cleaning out their classes. I was sad and happy at the same time I was happy because I didn't have to come back the next year and I was sad because my Favorite teacher Mrs. Catherine was going to be leaving the collage as it was her 30th year teaching.we didn't do much and at the end of the day we were given a year book and I was trying to get every one to sign it . When I was coming home I stopped at my bakery and picked up the celebration cake that I made the night before and I got dinner.

At home while we were having dinner I kept on saying I miss harry so much. Don't worry said Cecily he'll be home on Monday."I know" I said "but its been 3 months since I've seen him and I really miss him."

While we were having dinner the phone rang Alisha answered it "it's for you" she said handing me the phone. thanks I said as I walked up to my room. When I got in the room I shut the door and sat on my bed.

"Hello" I said into the phone
"hi" said the person on the other end of the line,
"yea" he said "it's me Joey your boss from the bakery I just wanted to let you know that starting tomorrow the bakery is yours"
yes I mumbled, but isn't it yours
"no" he said "I am leaving the country I am going to Cuba with my wife we want to start a new life there".
OK I said well thank you and good luck there.

We both said bye and then I hung up.I eagerly rushed out of my room and down the steps to tell everyone.I was halfway down the steps when I thought that I would tell Harry and the rest of the boys first. So I turned back around and went up stairs turned on the phone and dialed Harry's number "come on pick up" I mumbled to my self. All of a sudden I heard his voice,

"Hello" he shouted in excitement
"Harry" I said "is it you?"
"yes my love it is me"
OMG baby I missed you so much and I cant wait till Monday and i have some good news for you"
"I missed you to and what is the good news?"
well, I said Joey called and told me that the bakery is mine, him and his wife are moving to Cuba to start a new life"
"oh, well I have bad news for you "
"it cant be that bad of news i said in grief, well any way what is it ?"
"well" he said "they canceled our flight because of the heat and we wont be able to come home until July 15th "
"what it is only June 28th so that means that you wont be coming home for 2 weeks and 3 days OK" I said "bye"

And with that I hung up.I ran down and sat down on the chair with a huff and I was so upset I just felt like crying. And I think I already was. Morgan looked at me and asked me what was wrong I told her that the boys wouldn't be coming home for another 2 weeks and 3 days because of the heat. And of course Morgan, Alisha,and Cecily bursted into tears.


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