A girl....who lives at that house (fictional ghost story)

A girl....who lives at that house (fictional ghost story)



Chapter 2

Gianna's pov

Ghost girl pov

So i see you guys came back to hear more. Well I have to go to visit the other mysterious creature in this nieghbor. Every house have a different person/creature who has suffered a tragic story.

I heared footsteps so i hid. The steps walked in my direction. Where to hid.. The closet. i hid in the broken closet. It was a little girl the youngest. She reminded me of my baby sister. her carmel brown hair up in a pony tail, her skin sun burned from swimming. She walked around the room till a music box started to play. She danced...........like Rayne did. I felt a tear go down my face, what was this emotion. I have never understood emotions.But i had no time to cry, since she walked into the closet and saw me. I except her to scream, but instead she wiped my tear away and said,"hi, I'm elena, what's your name?" I sat down calmly and said,"Bonjur Cindy, i'm gianna. please don't tell anyone you found me." She smiled and nodded. I smiled and touch her head. She was carrying a bear, not just any teddy bear. winnie the pooh bear. Excuse me I think i'm going to cry

Cindy Pov

I made a new friend. She was crying though i don't understand why though. My sister Sierra had found this teddy bear in the room hidden in the roof.I watched gianna cry. I asked her,"whats wrong?" she looked away and said,"I shouldn't cry, i haven't cried in a long time i shuldn't cry" I looked at her neck there was a necklace made of gold with 2 people on it. I asked about it. and she said,'It's jesus and his mother. it says te amo. amores aparte pero siempre juntos. I love you. Love that has been separted but always together" I grabbed her hand and walked out of the closet, we layed on the ground for a while while she told me about her family. how she died. i saw a picture of her and her dad and mom and 3 sisters. They were a really pretty family, they looked like us before all the problems started. I looked at her she looked the same just more ghosty. If she was alive she would have been one of the most prettiest girls i have met and nicest. My sister was a model but she use to be nice but became mean after my parents started to fight infront of her...................I wonder, what would have happened if she haven't turned to cutting and turned away from god.

So you got to met the youngest child Cindy (sierra: loud and sweet. Me: sour patch kid. Now get out of my ending.), Cindy wants to know if you guys liked it.(sierra: why can she talk and not me./ Me: because She's nicer to me) please tell me how it is and if i should contintue. Comment and rate.

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