Glamourizing Mental Disorders.

this was really pissing me off w/e

Chapter 1

hey if you do this please go away i hate you

by: cassiloca
There are so many problems with this crap I don't even know where to begin? I can't stand seeing people who think having mental disorders is cool in any way. If you say that you have OCD, bipolar disorder, social anxiety, schizophrenia, antisocial, ADHD etc. because you think it makes a quirky or cool personality trait there is a 50000% chance that I will hate you.

sad does not equal depressed
hyper or random does not equal ADHD
"omg i like even numbers more XDDD" does not equal OCD
being skinny does not equal anorexia

There are actual people dealing with the real thing. IT. IS. NOT. A. JOKE. Organizing your skittles by color doesn't mean you have OCD.

It's irritating to no end when I see people on the internet (mainly on this website) going "OMG SQUIRREL LLAMA CORNDOG OOPS SORREEHHH IM SO HYPER COZ I HAZ ADHD LOL SO R@ND0M XDXDXD"
When it's exactly the exaggeration and misinterpretation of mental illnesses creates stereotype and prejudice against people who actually suffer from them.

Being extremely sad does not mean you have depression. Depression is an actual disorder, not a mood.
Cutting isn't cute at all, by the way. I've never cut, so I can't say I have firsthand experience, but there just aren't any perks to it?? I don't see why people trivialize it, and much less glamourize it??? THERE IS NOTHING PUNK OR EDGY ABOUT IT. IT IS A SERIOUS THING.

oh who wants to join my new scene kid clique? we can pretend to have depression and complain about our lives and be thirsty attention seeking whores by posting online about my many "suicide attempts" and how no one understands me what a good time we'll have eh guys

No. It's insulting.

I know someone who actually has OCD, and often I've seen people go "OMG i like even numbers more!!!!11! XDDDD i don like bein dirty i h8 germs i hav OCD!! XDXD" just wOW stop that's actually really offensive!!! Imagine constantly having to reach out to touch things, going back to check the door up to FIFTY TIMES to make sure it's locked, even if you know it is, having reappearing images, or thoughts, sick and disturbing ones, that will not go away, no matter how hard you try to make them. It's not pretty.

Some disorders may sound kind of silly to people who don't suffer them, but it's really very difficult to manage them. The compulsions CONTROL you, and take over your life. It's not a cute trait for you to trivialize and add to your personality description.

"wooa i heard a weird noise i have mad schizo!!!1" nO NO N O
Schizophrenia is such a serious disorder and it alters your perception of reality. You get delusions, you're constantly paranoid, you hear voices, you get hallucinations and you're incoherent of speech and thought. It's so inexplicably insulting when you don't take it seriously and make jokes about it.

It's also pretty frightening how so many people claim to have "head mates" or "voices in their heads", which is meant to be representative of multiple personality disorders. I just can't believe people actually glorify such a horrible disorder?? How they act isn't even anything like the actual dissociative personality disorder, because the victim doesn't usually know they have another personality and it's not like having room-mates or a non-stop sleepover party in your head.

There are tons of mental disorders and illnesses, and they are not for you to trivialize or to see as "not a big deal".
They're HELL to go through and you should get an actual diagnosis done before going around saying you have something. Self diagnosing is really hurtful if you don't know what you're talking about.

So basically PLEASE PLEASE PLEAS E don't go around saying you have something when you don't, because other than being really disrespectful and offensive it is also irritating so just shut the hell up.


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