The Redd Diaries: The Goblet of Fire

The Redd Diaries: The Goblet of Fire

I've been working hard on this. I'll try to stick to the original story as best I can.
Name: Liliella Redd
Age: 14
House: Slytherin
Year: 4

DISCLAIMER: I in no way, shape or form have any rights to the Harry Potter characters or books. This was not meant as plagiarism, I am simply writing my wild fantasies down.

Chapter 2

The Moment on the Train

"Lily! Lily, wake up! We're nearly there! You need to change into your robes! We're nearly there! Liliella Redd wake up!" I could plainly hear Faelynn yelling as she shook me furiously.

"How long have I been out?" I reply sleepily.

"I don't know, I'm not your keeper! Just hurry up and get changed!" And with that she was gone.

"Then don't act like my keeper!" I yell after her, knowing she couldn't hear me. I'd never say anything like that to her face.

I must have fallen asleep whilst day dreaming. Day dreaming about Draco. I'd had a crush on Draco Malfoy since our first year at Hogwarts. But because my family is forced to keep a low profile, I avoided him as much as possible. I do so like admiring from afar. From afar he couldn't hate me for being a Mudblood. From afar he couldn't hate me for knowing far more than I should about his parents and what truly horrid people they are.

As a matter a fact I know far more than I should about all my classmates thanks to these bloody visions. I know that Longbottom kid lives with his granny. I also know he fancies my sister, Roselle. Although he hasn't even the slightest bit of courage to ask her out. I suppose decoding my visions is the hardest part. Because even though I hate them, once I see something I have to know what it means.

After another moment of thinking I make my way through the train to the bathroom with my uniform and toiletries. I begin by changing my jeans out for a black pleated skirt that came to my knees. Next, I remove my sweatshirt and begin brushing out my hair. I always wait until my hair is finished before I put my shirt on, otherwise bits of my hair cover my shirt and it looks absolutely ghastly.

I flip my head upside down, pull all my hair into a pony, take out a single lock of hair from the back, and tie my hair up with a hair tie. I then wrap the untied hair around the hair tie and pin it into place with a crabby grip. Then I proceed to dress in my crisp, white dress shirt. I shove my shirt tails into my skirt as I hear someone open the door.

"Listen to me, you little weasel. You're going to do as I say." I can hear Draco spitting through clenched teeth.

"Or what?" Is that Crabb?

I peek around the corner. Draco has Crabb by the throat against the far wall. I can't see Draco's face, as his back is to me, but I can see the horror plastered on Crabb's. They're both already dressed in their school robes, and I look down at my bare legs and feet. Perhaps I should just go back to my own business...

"Do you really need to ask?" His voice was twenty times more menacing then before.

I peek out a little bit more, and Crabb locks eyes with me, beseeching me. I quickly pull out my wand, and Crabb's eyes move back to Draco.

"We have a visitor." Draco whirls around and plants his gaze firmly on me. Me, without a clue as to what just happened.

"Well, if it isn't Redd. Remind me again what your name is?" He slowly inches toward me. Oh god, for all that is holy, please don't let him say anything that might trigger a vision.

"L-Lily. My name is Lily. May I ask what your doing in the girl's bathroom?" I stuttered as I slowly backed away. I knew what he was capable of doing, I'd seen all sorts of unmentionable things.

"Taking care of some unfinished business." He gestures behind him to Crabb.

It's amazing how Draco's presence alone is enough to make me melt. No matter how hard I tried, all I could imagine was what his lips tasted like.

"In other words, none of my business." I give a half smile.

"Why exactly haven't I met you before?" He asks with a devilishly handsome half smile. Out of the corner of my eye I see Crabb make his escape.

"Uh, I don't know. Perhaps you were busy with other things the last few years and never noticed me. I'm quite good at going unnoticed." Good God, Redd quit blabbering!

"Perhaps I should leave you to finish getting dressed? Although, I'd like to ask you one last question before I leave you." He walks toward me until he is just inches away.

"What is it?" I whisper. His proximity took my very breath away. It always could, even when I was eleven.

"Will you sit with me at the feast?" Like, as in, a date of sorts? Was Draco Malfoy, the guy I'd been madly in love with since I was eleven years old, asking me on a date of sorts?

"You sure have a direct approach, don't you Mr. Malfoy?" I smirk.

"Is that a no?" He sneers. Oh, even when he thinks he's been insulted he's beautiful.

"I'll be more than willing to sit with you at the feast. As long as that horrid Parkinson won't be joining us."

"I surely hope not. That girl could quite possibly be the most annoying being on this earth." I do up my tie and slip the gray vest over my head as he speaks.

"No, not could be. She is." I laugh as I pull on my black tights and shoes. I turn toward the mirror with my back to Draco as I quickly brush my teeth.

Once that is done I rummage through my bag until I find a mascara I liked. Draco was completely silent now, watching me intently with a sneer on his face. I try desperately not to watch him watching me, as I didn't want to have panda eyes. After several more minutes, more then it should've took actually, I finished that task. All I have to do now is apply a thin layer of lip gloss.

"Something wrong, Malfoy?" I ask as I admire myself in the mirror. Lazily I shove my things back into my bag and wait for Draco's response.

"You look like that Gryffindor girl." I smile slightly.

"Which one?" I ask as I turn to face him.

"The one that looks like a Weasley. I don't know her name. She was there in the compartment a few hours ago." He speaks fast.

"You mean Roselle? She's my twin." He scoffs.

"Liar. There's no way she's your sister. Not to mention your twin." He's mere centimeters from me now. He smells of fine cologne and freshly cut grass. What an amazing combination.

"We're paternal twins. Meaning--"

"I know what it means. You look quite lovely. I'm afraid I can't say I think the same of your sister." He smiles.

"Thank you. It's usually the other way around." Did I really just say that?

The first rule of talking to your crush: Never talk badly of yourself. I mean, if you don't like yourself, why should they like you?

"Walk with me?" He holds out his hand.

For only being fourteen, he sure can charm a lady. Gently I place my left hand in his right, and he sweetly places a light peck on the top of my hand.

"I'd be delighted, Mr. Malfoy." I smile broadly at him. I'd no idea then, but that was the moment everything changed for me.

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