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Man.... I tell you.... it seems like everyone these days is down in the dumps. Everyone seems to be depressed or wanting to commit suicide.......and you know what.....I am sick and tired of it! So Here I will be posting Uplifting and inspirational songs and music videos to help you out through any situation..... those songs to help you out when time are tough and sad. When you feel like you might just give up. So Here we go!

Chapter 1

Strong Enough- Matthew West

Look this song is a very good song to listen to.. we all have those times when we feel like we can't handle everything that we are given....this song is about taking those things that are troubling us and giving it to God Cause through Christ Gives Us Strength. Anything is possible with God if you just believe in's kinda a little bit like Pixie Dust and order for it to really work on got to have faith and trust in it people!

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