Living in the Magical World (Original Harry Potter group story)

This story is about 5 (Three girls and two boys) people in the next generation growing up, moving through Hogwarts, getting a boyfriend or girlfriend, and eventually getting married and having kids at the end! But during these people's lives there is hardships, involving love and friendship.

I know that Lily is in the year before everyone else but pretend that she's not ok?

Chapter 1

Olivia Moore

"Livi dear! Come now or your breakfast'll get cold!" I groaned and sat up in bed. I am not a morning person.
"Just give me five more minutes," I called wearily. I happened to glance at my calender as I fell back in bed. Oh my god it's September first!
"Never mind I'll be there in two minutes!" I yelled jumping out of bed. There was laughter from downstairs. I jumped in the shower and out in record time and pulled my clothes on.
"Hey Gabby!" I called behind my shoulder as my little sister walked out of her room.
"I'M GOING BACK TO HOGWARTS!" I screamed excitedly skidding to a stop in front of my parents. My dad laughed as he passed me the milk.
"Anyone would think you were exited to get rid of us." I grinned and plopped into my chair.
"What's for breakfast?"
"French toast," Mum said and placed a plate down in front of me.
"So what's the rush?" Dad asked. I shrugged with my mouth full.
"I can't wait to see Rose, and Vivian, and Lily, and Raven, and Arielle and-"
"Albus," muttered my 9 year old sister walking in. I stuck my tong out at her.
"It's true," she protested.
"Shut your mouth Gabby or-"
"Girls!" said Mum intervening with a disaproving look on her face. I rolled my eyes and the ceiling and continued to eat.
"Gabby sit down," Dad said, "And Livi please don't take that attitude with your little sister. Now finish up or Livi'll miss the train."
"Yeah like she doesn't take that attitude with me every second of the day," I muttered under my breath as Gabby smirked. OK, don't get me wrong, we do get along sometimes, but come on, no one's perfect. We're sisters! As soon as Gabby and I had finished our last bite Mum herded us out the door and into the car.

10 minutes later Dad parked at Kings cross station. I climbed out pulling my trunk behind me and hoisting it onto a trolley. Gabby sat on my trunk as I pushed it toward the barrier between platforms nine and ten with Mum and Dad on either side of me. I shut my eyes tight and sprinted toward. Woosh! I opened my eyes and a sparkling red engine was in front of me. I heard an anxious voice behind me.
"Where are they?" Then a reassuring one say,
"We'll find them Al." Al? I spun around and saw Lily Potter riding her brother James Potter's trolley and Albus pushing his beside them.
"Lily!" I called and she jumped off James's trolley and ran to hug me. Then I hugged James and turned to Albus. I felt my face turning red as we stood there wonder what to do. I could sense James smirking and Gabby and Lily smiling in the backround. Just hug him Al moved forward and gave me a stiff one armed hug which I returned just as stiff. I smiled at him as we let go though. Thankfully, the grownups were talking and didn't notice our little greeting.
"Have you seen Rose or Hugo?" James asked me. I snapped back to life and shook my head.
"Mum, Dad, come on! We're going to find the Weasleys!" Gabby called back to my parents. They lagged behind us still catching up with each other as we ran ahead.
"There!" Lily shouted spotting a red head. The girl heard her shout and looked up.
"Rose!" I shouted and ran over to meet one of my best friends. We hugged and then she hugged everyone else.
"How you doing Livi?" Ron, Rose's dad said straitening up from where he was crouching down tying Hugo's shoe.
"Good," I said hugging Hugo as well. Our parents caught up to us and exchanged greeting with the other grownups. I was itching with the desire to get on the train and see the rest of my friends. After 5 minutes I looked at my friends and sister and rolled my eyes. These grownups take so long!
"Mum we're going onto the train," Lily finally said to Ginny. The adults turned around and hugged us, I hugged Gabby and we ran toward the hogwarts express. Once on James went off with his friends, Hugo was called by his friends and Rose, Lily and I went to look for an empty compartement, or one with the rest of our friends.

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