Living in the Magical World (Original Harry Potter group story)

This story is about 5 (Three girls and two boys) people in the next generation growing up, moving through Hogwarts, getting a boyfriend or girlfriend, and eventually getting married and having kids at the end! But during these people's lives there is hardships, involving love and friendship.

I know that Lily is in the year before everyone else but pretend that she's not ok?

Chapter 2

Vivian Ivy Summers

I woke up to my muggle alarm clock going off like there was no tomorrow. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP Victor came in groaning, "Will you shut that up Vivi!"

I smiled gently, "Sorry Vic"

I rubbed my blue eyes as I turned off the alarm and stood up as he left. I grabbed my clothing and headed to the bathroom where I showered and got ready for the day. Fourth Year here I come

I skipped down the stairs and emerged into the kitchen to see all my brothers up and my mum cooking. I tilted my head, "Where's dad?"

Mum hummed, "At work, he had to go in early today"

I nodded sitting down in between Victor and Adam as I had a bowl of cinnamon and spice oatmeal with a big cold glass of chocolate milk.

Victor smirked, 'So.. Ready to see Fred?!"

My mom raised her eyebrows, "George's son?"

My older brothers snickered and all chimed in, "yesss!"

I snorted, "I do not like him!"

They snorted with laughter and Adam started to tease me, "Ohh Fred I love you! Fred's so dreamy!"

I felt my cheeks starting to turn a brilliant shade of pink as I spoke, "Shut up you lot!"

Mom sighe shaking her head and finally we headed off to King's Cross Station and I ran through the barrier with my brothers closely behind me. I chuckled as I turned the corner and boom straight into Fred and his parents. Mr. Weasley smiled helping me up, "Vivi you should be more careful"

I blushed as I heard my brothers whistle. Fred smiled at me and I nodded, "Sorry Mr. Weasley"

He sighed, "Remember, call me George, Mr. Weasley is my father."

I giggled nodding as Angelina aka Mrs. Weasley hugged me.

"How are you Vivian?"

Fred snickered at my full name and I realized my brothers had gone their seperate ways, "I'm good thanks for asking"

She hugged Fred tightly nodding as he groaned, "Mum!"

George chuckled, "Have fun at Hogwarts Fred"

Fred nodded and grabbed my arm dragging me to board the train as my face flushed. He muttered, "Sorry about them"

I chuckled, "You're sorry about them ever year Freddie"

He smiled at me as we walked, searching for our seperate compartments, "So how is my favorite hufflepuff?"

I raised my eyebrows jokingly, "I'm your favorite Hufflepuff now"

He nodded, "Why yes of course"

I opened a compartment noticing Lily, Rose and Olivia and I smiled, "Well here's my stop"

Fred smiled, "I'll see you around"

I waved good bye before sliding into the compartment sitting by the door and smiled at the three girls, "hey y'all"

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