My Journal Thingy

My Journal Thingy

Dis be my special journal bout meeee :D

Chapter 1

Hi, How are you?

Haiii!!! Im Briar, and my middle name is Aidan, and it sounds really good together. Therefore, Briar Aidan. (Not telling yous my last name :D). I love drawing. In fact, i have a lot of pictures of (IM NOT CRAZY!!!) the zombie apocalypse. It's really cool. I also love to sing!!! Im always singing, either in my head or outloud :P. I am an only child, with a minuscule family. I was born June 30, 1999. SmackDab in the middle of the year. My mother is Heather, and she has green eyes and brown hair. I have light brown hair with natural blonde highlights and brown eyes. We both wear glasses. My dad left us when i was little, so it is me, mom, and my cat Lola :D. I think we're better without him. Then there's my nana, my aunt, her husband, their 2 daughters, one of them has a fiance, their baby daughter, my uncle, his son, his daughter, then mom and me. I know, small family, but we're very close. I have a cat named Lola, who turned 2 a few months ago. I go to Jr. High here in Pawtucket. I am in 7th grade. I did not stay back, i just started kindergarten a little late. But I know people who are in 7th grade and almost 15. So, Ha! I love running, and i made the cross country team at school. It's awesome. My fav school subject is chorus, of course! Lol. For those of you who don't know Pawtucket,Rhode Island like the back of your hand: Pawtucket is a small city on the border with Massachusetts. It's very crowded. Rhode Island may be the smallest state, but there's a lot of people squished in here! The only thing i haven't talked about is religion. I am Roman Catholic, along with my family. I don't go to church very often, because my mom isn't very religious. We all believe in God and everything about Him, but i guess my mom isn't a church person. Oh well, when im older I'll go to church a lot more. :)
So, this is me! I'll put up another chapter tomorrow, my dears!


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