Voices inside my head.

~ I lost a friend. A very close friend. She was more than a sister to me. She had this little problem. So....

Chapter 1


All these little demons
They crawl inside your body
Hiding in the shadows of your fears
Laughing with your every little tear.
Begging, asking, cutting
Your soul, your veins from inside.

Pain... All there is to it.

All these little demons of yours
scrathing your every memory
tearing apart your chances to sleep
Making your head break like
The sound of an angry lightning.
A mirror stands tall and stares at them for a while
This is not them
This is not you.

All these little demons...
They're not yours
They control your sides as if
You were a coin.
All they have to do is turn you around
Destroy everything
Burn your voice away
Until noone cares to hear you...
No more...
No more silence...
No more screamings...

All these little people, my friend
They're ours.
They're black flowers
They're little children
For us to grow up.
We're not demons
We are parents.

Parents of an evil race.

~I miss you Alex...


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