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Chapter 1


A group of people (about 6 or so) stumble across a mysterious clearing in Northern Michigan's woods and something about this clearing... isn't right. The clearing just so happens to be a place that different realms, time periods, etc all come together. And the group of people are different, it's fate that they were brought together and through a series of unlikely events, they find the true powers within themselves. The questions at the end are: Will they want to go home? Will they discover why they all came across this clearing? What's their futures? Will the darkness in everyone create havoc? How will they keep the hope alive? and more.

(I'm accepting 2 girls and 3 guys at the minimum!)

You know the time periods, starting from BC times.. but here are the realms
Grave Realm-- The Death Realm
Coral Realm--The Water Realm
King's Country-- The Rich/Powerful Realm
Healing Realm--The realm were magic and science intertwine into healing
Cloud State-- The realm were everything is monitored
Evil Duchy--Where the evil is stored and comes from and our biggest fears are there.
Character Info
Realm/Time Period:
Love Interest: "Optional"

My Character

Name: Coraline Summer Dawnson
Nickname: Cori
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Appearance: Long white hair that's always braided, faded teal eyes, creamy white skin, faint (barely noticeable) freckles across the bridge of her nose, wears a lot of spring styled clothing
Personality: Kind, Caring, Helpful, Sincere, Understanding, Timid, Push-Over, Hardworking, Reliable, Down-To-Earth, Goes With the Flow, Anxious
Realm/Time Period: Healing Realm from the 21st Century
Gifts: Can Heal with the use of magic, know what plants are useful or not in eating/healing
Background: Her dad was the ruler of the Healing Realm but he died when he came down with an unknown disease to him, mom works to heal the elderly. Coraline is the only kid but was suppose to have a sister who died in birth.
Love Interest: a boy in the story

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