Nights in Gotham City

Chapter 1

Maria Gordon

It was a regular saturday afternoon and I was still sleeping in my bedroom. My mom began to bang on my door to wake me up.

"Dillan wants to talk with you!" my mom yelled through the door.

"Tell him I'll call him back later," I pulled the pillow over my head.

"He's here right now," my mom didn't bother hanging around for my response.

I groaned and dragged myself out of my bed. My dresser was right next to my bed, so I crawled over and bulled out a clean pair of black shorts and a hot pink tank top.

After I was dressed, I assessed myself in the mirror on my dresser. Last night had been easy compared to many others. The only noticeable part of my late nights of fighting crime were the bags under my eyes.

When I walked downstairs I saw Dillan with the biggest smile on his face.

"What's wrong?" I asked him with suspicion.

"Can we go for a walk and talk about this?" he asked.

I nodded and we strolled outside. We didn't make it far before he said, "I saw the new vigilante last night."

"How was that?" I asked, all ready knowing the answer.

"Maria, I know about your late nights and-"

I cut him off before he could tell me to stop trying to help, "No matter what you say, I'm still going to help."

"I wasn't going to tell you to stop," he shocked me with these words, "in fact, I want to help train you."

Now this was unexpected. As Robin he had told me to stop several times, "What changed your mind?"

"Last night we finally took care of the Riddler and that was one of the last big vilains. The only big criminals that aren't in Arkham are Deadshot and Mad Hatter."

I weighed my decisions until I asked, "What should my name be?"

"Black Bird," I liked the sound of it and was surprised I hadn't thought of it.

We continued walking until he got a call from Bruce. That concluded our walk. The only thing I could think about for the rest of the day was about that night!

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