Magic (An Original Harry Potter group story!)

This story starts in Harry's forth year. These people really are just living their life in the magical world, the only place they fit in. But their life is harder than they think, what with Voldemorts return, losing loved ones, and creating relationships with friends as well...

Chapter 1

Ana Isabella Lewis

"Ana get down here! Your father just bought the floo powder!" Mum's voice floated up the stairs into my room where I was sitting on my bed reading a book, having already been awake for hours.
"Keep you hair on I'm coming!" I grumbled getting off, picking up Ally, my kitten, putting her in her cage, and walking down the stairs pulling my trunk behind me. Eva trailed in back of me pushing the trunk from the other end. Mum stood near the fireplace, hands on her hips and looking at me in an exasperated, motherly way. Dad was trying to look stern as well but was failing miserably. I burst out laughing at him face. He gave up and started laughing with me.
"What am I going to do with you Oliver," Mum asked Dad looking amused.
"Alright everyone take a pinch and lets go!" Dad said kissing his wife on the cheek and holding out a little cup to me. I took a small handful, stepped into the fireplace, and yelled, "Diagon Alley!" Woosh! I zipped away going to fireplace after fireplace until finally, I slid out onto the floor at the leaky cauldron. I stepped aside as Eva came zooming out, then Mum, and finally Dad.
"Let's go shall we?" Dad said taking out his wand while talking and tapping a certain brick on the wall across from us. The bricks cleared away and an opening to Diagon Alley appeared. We walked into the busy street, under the huge opening. Then to the big white building a.k.a Gringotts, and 2 goblins bowed us through the door. We stepped up to a particularly small goblin.
"Vault 458 please," Mum said placing a tiny key on the counter.
"Thank you Madame," the goblin said in a high pitched voice, "please follow me. We rode on the cart deep into the bank, and collected out money. Then we rode out, thanked the goblin, and emerged on the cobblestone sidewalk.
"Oliver you take Eva to Madame Malkins, her robes are far to small. I'll take Ana to- where is it that you need to go again dear?" she asked turning to me.
"The Cauldron shop," I said.
"I though you already had a cauldron," Mum said inquiringly looking at me through her glasses.
"No mine blew up because of a prank Fred, George and I did. Mum shook her head.
"You and those twins. Not to mention Delilah as well! All right then the Cauldron shop it is."
"See you," I said to Dad and Eva and I lead the way towards the old shop.
"May I help you?" asked a tiny, wrinkled old man trotting towards us as soon as the door swung open.
"Yes please," I said, "I need a brass cauldron."
"Very well, very well, let's see..." he said stroking his beard.
"Ah yes, this one was just cleaned today!" He heaved a shiny cauldron that looked much to big for him into my arms.
"That will be 21 galleons." I gave him the gold, put the cauldron in my trunk, and walked outside with Mum.
"Where next?" she asked.
"Books! The Standard book of spells grade six, a professional guide to transfiguration and whatnot." This time it was Mum who led me to the book shop where we met Dad and Eva. We were walking out of the shop when we heard,
"Ana! Over hear!" I spun around to see the Weasley's, Ri, Hermione and Lil waving furiously at me. I dropped my trunk and ran toward them with Ally tucked under my arm. I ran to George first and we hugged. Then Fred, Ron, Riley, Lil, Hermione, Mrs. Weasley, then Mr. Weasley.
"Merlin I've missed you guys!" I said grinning at them.
"Hey did you forget me?" Eva asked running up to us. Everyone hugged her as well, then Mum and Dad came and greeted everybody.
"Hey, where's Harry?" I asked. He's usually with them. Harry takes every chance possible to get away from his aunt, uncle, and cousin. Not that I blame him. I've met them and their horrible, not to mention fat. except for his aunt. She's too skinny.
"He's coming for the world cup," Ron answered, "Oh and that reminds me. We were going to send you a letter but there's no need now. Want to come for the cup?"
"Want to? Just try and stop me!" I said, that just raising my spirits more.
"Mum, Dad, can I go?" I asked turning to my parents with a pleading look on my face.
"Hmm," said Dad, rubbing his chin and pretending to think it over.
"Come on Oliver stop teasing the girl," Mum said, "Yes you may dear," she said to me. Dad grinned at me behind her back.
"But on one condition," she said, "you have to promise not to blow up your cauldron this year." I laughed and Fred and George, being the only one's who actually understood that, joined me.
"I promise!" I said.
"Also," broke in Mrs. Weasley, "We'd like to invite Ana to come and stay the rest of the summer with us."
"If it's ok with you, it's ok with me," Dad said.
"Yeah!" I shouted. Then I felt myself being lifted into the air. Of course it was Fred and George.
"Why do you always to that?" I asked.
"Well-" started George.
"-It has something to do with you being so bloody light," continued Fred. I laughed as I sat in the air, attracting quite a few stairs from people. I'm going to the quidditch world cup!

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