Organization 13 story- Axel's secret.

Well, I have been coming up with random story ideas and this one stuck in my head for the longest time. This is my first KH story so please, read and tell me what you think. We can go ahead and get this straight- I like, no scratch that, love Axel.
Me- Avani/Ave, a 9 year old girl
The organization members.
I do not own KH! I just came up with this idea for a story, do not steal!
Warning, this story contains foul language sometimes.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I wake up earlier than usual as I hear someone outside.
I get up and look at my alarm clock.
'It's only 6:45 in the morning, who would be here?' I think.
I go over to my window and open the curtains.
I see two people wearing black coats.
They seem two be waiting on somebody.
All of a sudden, a black portal appeared and out walked another person wearing a black coat. The first two people were wearing their hoods but the new person wasn't.
He had spiky red hair and light green eyes.
"Who are they?" I ask myself.
I couldn't understand what they were saying, but I do know they had said my name a few times.
I finally put on a jacket and slip on my house shoes.
I walk down the hallway and to the front door.
After I go outside, a gust of cold wind hits me and it feels like ice.
Stunned for a moment, I look around to see if the people were still there or if I was just seeing things.
They were still there.
"Is this just a dream?" I accidentally ask out-loud.
They had over-heard me.
The one with red hair looked at me as I said that.
"She's awake." He says.
The other two turn around and look at me.

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