Chapter 1

Part one.

by: Nikolia
when i was a child
they told me
oh, they told me
fed me lies
of how life is easy
love is breezy
but what they hid from me....
back then they couldnt see
just what it would do to me
all these years later
with my heart on the floor
love just seems like an endless chore
what to say
what to do
what it puts your heart through
dirves your mind insane
you tell yourself its your heart to blame

but really
is it your heart, your gut, or the blissful lies of a child
a child that once smiled
under the lights of the lies of love

all those years ago
with a life as pure as snow
a heart as new as gold
as strong as diamonds
we smiled and laughed
dreamed our days away
with not one word of hurt to say

now instead
we write books and letters
to lovers and friends
telling our sorrows, ourselves beyond mend
and how our heart
we can no longer defend

our diamonds turned to rubble
gold turned to stone, others to broken glass
a life now turned, red, black and white
it makes you wonder
will there ever be an end in sight

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