(Tell me if I should continue. Because I lost the contest, I might just delete this. If your convincing me then I'll keep it)

Chapter 1


"Hey Maci, you think when summer comes it will actually be hot?" Mason, my twin brother said. I laughed.

"You really think it's gonna be hot?" I joked. I zipped my coat up higher and snugged my hat. This "vacation" was supposed to be a school research trip on Antarctica but Mason, Levi,my boyfriend, and I were forgotten and left behind. How they could have forgot? No clue.

"Where's Levi with the fire wood? I'm freezing and starving," Mason complained. I sighed and went into the tent to grab some snacks out of my backpack. He snatched it away from me and cracked it open.

"How are we material wise?" he murmured, his mouth full. I checked the backpack again.

"We're pretty good in everything but water. The only water around is the ocean." I explained. Levi had just came sprinting to our campsite, wood in hand. The looked on his face seemed to be panicked. I went over to him.

"Are you okay? What happened?" I asked him. He stood up straight, looked at me and smiled.

"I'm fine!" he replied and went to the campsite to make a fire.

"Mason, you know how to fish, right?" I asked " We need something to eat,"

"Ha ha, that's funny," he laughed. I sighed and shivered. Frostbite was starting to kick in again. I went over to the thermometer I add posted on a tree. It read negative four degrees Fahrenheit. It would always get cold around the evening.

"Hurry up with that fire, my fingers are starting to numb," Mason complained some more.

"If you think it's easy, you try." Levi coughed and laid next to where I sat. I looked up at the darkening sky. Waiting and waiting for an airplane or a helicopter to come down and rescue us from this frigid hell. Sometimes it was fun to look off to the penguin and polar bears swimming in the ice infested water and to the forest of pine and spruce trees that looked more like a winter wonderland. As the snow fell down upon us the sun tumbled down with it. Levi was fast asleep on my lap and Mason was still trying to set up a fire. Night was upon us and it was now time to sleep.

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