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Everyone is expected to be exactly the same, at age 20 you are to get married by random selection and by 23 have at least one child. Some friends are at that mark, some having already been paired up with a ‘mate’. What happens when they rise up and try to fight the system, will they win, be forced to flee beyond the wall into the unknown. Or will the system find them and force them to Reborn. They thought Reborn was a good thing, now they know it's death and there's no coming back from it.

Chapter 1


by: Salocin
This is roughly based off Logan's Run. You don't need to know anything about it, just a couple really small ideas were taken from there, the rest is completely different.

My Character
Name: Andrew
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Appearance: Shaggy platinum blond hair, bright blue eyes, 5’1. dark blue tunic and pants. (ones that have a mate wear this, light blue if they don’t, each stage of life is color coded.)
Personality: Shy, quiet, curious, adventurous, inquisitive
Mate: Abigail
Job: City Archive Processor (goes through sorts records of everything that goes on in the city)
What made you want to fight the system: He doesn’t like his mate and is tired of being punished for just asking questions.
Other: He is gay but doesn’t really know it, (no one is supposed to have real feelings for anyone else), he is a genius and has ADD but doesn’t know it because the government doesn’t believe in things like that and claims everyone is exactly the same, Has 4 year old son named Lucas.

Sign Up
Name: (no one has a last name, middle name, or nickname)
Age: 22-25
Gender: Male
What made you want to fight the system:

Please no characters that have had a traumatic experience. No parents, siblings, friends etc killed or dead by anything other than Reborn. No abuse or neglect. Also nothing such as 'bottles up emotion, tries to be strong but is weak inside that he/she doesn't let others see.'

I refuse to believe that the world is made up of only those kind of people, but that is really all I see these days for characters. Please be more original, make the character someone that could actually be real and live in a place like that. The less 'Woe Is Me' type character you make the better chance of making it into this or any other group story I do.

Sorry to anyone that likes to make those kind, I just don't like them, I find them annoying and distracting, they take away from whatever the story is really about and don't add anything to it. I feel that having half a chapter for each one a person makes dedicated to them crying over their troubled past weakens the story and doesn't get it anywhere.

Again sorry if you make those kind, and if it made you not sign up, sorry but oh well, it's kind of hard shifting through pages of comments with basically the same character in each one anyway. Sorry if it sounds harsh, I've been trying to ignore it and not say anything but it's just gotten way out of control and I just can't sit back anymore.

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