Xepop The Alien

This story is about the time I met Xepop The Alien. This is for the WC20 Contest...so please honestly tell me people what you think of it. Rate it if you like it, and comment. Just please no mean comments!

Chapter 1


Some say that Aliens don't exist...well I say they do. How do I know this you ask? Well..I was abducted by them...well technically not several, just one Alien In particular. His name is Xepop. He's from the Planet KY9-3356B. I know weird name for a planet right? Anyways, this story is about how I was abducted and why. Let's just say you won't believe it even If I told you. Either way, that is still not going to stop me from telling you. So, here we go. The Story of How I met Xepop the Alien from Planet KY9-3356B. The weirdest name for a planet I could ever think of...or so I thought...you'll see just read it already!

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