Xepop The Alien

This story is about the time I met Xepop The Alien. This is for the WC20 Contest...so please honestly tell me people what you think of it. Rate it if you like it, and comment. Just please no mean comments!

Chapter 2

The Abduction.

I remember the abduction like it was yesterday. Mainly because..well it was yesterday. This is my crazy life people. I have to live it.

Anyways...I was in my room listening to Skrillex on my Ipod, you know the usual. When my mom started yelling at me from downstairs...again.



So.I paused the song..even though it was my favorite...and took the headphones out of my ear before heading downstairs.

Me: I'm here...you can stop yelling now

Mom: Took you long enough.

Me: Well..I'm here right now.

Mom: Good. I need you to take out the trash.

Me: Why can't Stephanie do it?

Mom: She's at Girl Scout Jamboree...

Me: And Alex?

Mom: He's at Johnny's.

Me: Dad?

Mom: At work.

Me: You?

Mom: I'm making dinner now stop mouthing off and take out the garbage right now young lady.

Me: Fine....I'll take the stupid trash out...

I hate taking out the trash..It's almost as bad as doing the dishes...or worse..cleaning the bathroom. I hate cleaning the bathroom.

So...I headed outside to the backyard to take out the trash.

I managed to take care of the trash and was about to head inside when I heard a noise coming through the bushes...

Me: Hello? Is anyone there? I know Karate...I got a Black Belt..I can kick your butt...

A cat runs out of the bushes.

Me: Oh...there you are Wiggles...did you escape again?

I picked the cat up. You see Wiggles is the cat to our eldery neighbor Miss Paisley. That cat always manages to find a way out of that house even when the doors and windows are locked. Then again...half of the time she forgots to lock them. She is kinda getting up in age..and often forgets to lock the door sometimes. Heck last week..she called me Stephanie. I mean come on..I know her memory is bad..but I look nothing like my little sister! Where as everyone in my family has Blond Hair, Blue eyes, and is all upbeat, and happy. I am the black bird in the family..literally. I have short black hair, green eyes, and glasses. And I am rarely happy, and usually moody. Plus...I'm also a nerd. No one in my family is that smart. My mom was a head cheerleader and popular, my Dad was the school quarterback and popular, my Older Brother Alex is now the school's quarterback for the football team and is extremely popular. Even my little sister Stephanie is popular, and has plans to be a cheerleader. Whereas for me...I am the nerd at school, who is always bullied, extremely smart, and completely sucks when it comes to sports. I swear..I think I'm adopted..I mean like no one else is my family is like me....even my distant relatives are all like my siblings and parents. I keep asking them if I am..but they never tell me but I am pretty sure I am.

Anyways..I decided to play the good Samaritan that I am and return Miss Paisley's cat to her......ok..you caught me...I'm not a good Samaritan. I smelt cookies coming from her house, and I knew that if I returned Wiggles to her that she would give me cookies. What can I say...cookies are my one weakness...ok...don't judge me.......everyone has a weakness. I know you have one...and cookies are just mine.

Anyways..I managed to get half way across Miss Paisley's yard and almost to her front door when I hear a noise.

Me:It's probably just another stray animal.

Next thing I know, I can't move. I'm a frozen in place with a bright blue light shining down on me...Wait where is that light coming from? Wiggles manages to escape out of my arms and run back to the house where he is safe. Lucky cat...lucky you...at least your safe. How long am I going to be frozen like this? Wait how am I frozen...then I blacked out.

The next thing I know I wake up in a strange room somewhere....and I have no idea why I am here. Maybe I am dreaming...yeah..I'm dreaming. I must have tripped which caused me to fall and hit my head. That's it..I'm dreaming...pretty weird dreaming here..and I will wake up...right? Now that only just leaves one question.......

Where the hell am I?

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