Xepop The Alien

This story is about the time I met Xepop The Alien. This is for the WC20 Contest...so please honestly tell me people what you think of it. Rate it if you like it, and comment. Just please no mean comments!

Chapter 5

Space Travel Can Get Boring

Xepop: Um...lets see...how about Music?

Clara: We got a lot of music on our planet. We have all sorts of different styles of music. There's Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Rap, Country, Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk, and tons other types of Music. Which one do you want to know about?

Xepop: Pop sounds interesting.

Clara: Did you only chose it because you have pop in your name?

Xepop: Maybe....

Clara: Ok. Well anyways it's one of the most popular music styles on our Planet.

Xepop: Ok. And what does it sound like?

Clara: Here. takes out Ipod and plays a song This is a pop song that I really like. It's a popular song where I'm from.

Link to the Song Played:


Xepop: What's the Song called?

Clara: It's Called "Glad You Came" It's by a Musical Group from England known as "The Wanted"

Xepop: Interesting. I like it. I'm glad you came with me.

Clara: Don't you remember..you kinda kidnapped me. You know if you wanted me to come you could have just asked. I would have came just as long as I wasn't going to like get dissected or something like that.

Xepop: Then it might be a good idea to stay away from Professor Snipocopulous when we get there. He likes to dissect things.

Clara: I'll make sure to do that.

Xepop: Defiantly. He creeps me out. He the local mortician on my planet. He's really creepy. What's worse is he's a shape shifter like m so you never know when he's near.

Clara: Then doesn't that mean you could be him?

Xepop: If I were him do you really think I would be warning you about him?

Clara: No.

Xepop: I thought so. So any other stuff you know on Pop music?

Clara: Um...yeah. There's a lot on Pop Music.

Xepop: Ok..how about starting with some famous artists then?

Clara: Ok. One artist that is really popular that I don't really care for though is Justin Beiber. He is popular on Earth. But personally I think his music sucks.

Xepop: Is it that bad?

Clara: Yeah.He sings horrible..and he is such a cliche.

Xepop: Ah....ok.

Clara: Then there are Boy Bands...which are kinda overrated. The Wanted is a Boy Band..but they are actually a good boy band that actually has some good music.

Xepop: And what are some overrated ones?

Clara: Um..let's see....um One Direction. They are really overrated.

Xepop: Ok.

Clara: There are a lot of Boybands. Some of the first ever Boybands are The Backstreet Boys and NYSNC. They are pretty good. And from NYSNC we gained like a super star...and he is like the only one from the group who after being in the boy band is still famous.

Xepop: And who would that be?

Clara: Justin Timberlake. He acts, sings, dance, is really really hot, and is a top selling artist in the world of Music. Has an amazing sense of fashion, is also a comedian. And also recently got married to another famous Actress Jessica Beil.

Xepop: Is she also a singer?

Clara: Eh...no not really. She can sing..but she doesn't like have an album as far as I know of. She mainly just acts. She started out on this old Christian Soap Opera known as 7th Heaven.

Xepop: Soap Opera?

Clara: Yeah...it's like a really overly dramatic show....

Xepop: Oh we got those on my planet....we just refer to them as Dramas.

Clara: Yeah..well 7th Heaven had a lot of Drama in it.

Xepop: I bet it did.

Clara: Ok...I'm hungry...do you got any dang food on this ship? I haven't eaten since like yesterday...heck before then. I didn't really get a chance to eat anything yesterday.

Xepop: This ship has a built in Kitchen.

Clara: It does?

Xepop: Yeah...full size and everything. All you have to do is go to the fridge and grab what you want..though if what you want isn't there..then it will scan your brain and rearrange the particles into what ever food you want.

Clara: Are you serious?

Xepop: Very.

Clara: Then what are you waiting for Xepopulous! Let's go! starts dragging him out the door and down the hallway

Xepop: Um...it's the other direction Clara.

Clara: I knew that! turns and starts going in the other direction

Xepop: Yeah...sure you did.

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