The after of Cities

choose any view point you want. My person is named Mist.

be creative.

Chapter 1


by: Irishsong
I looked out over the cliffs of the sea and breathed the salty air. I didn't actually smell the salt as it had been there my whole life, and I instead smelled the grasses that where in seed and the flowers that bobbed in the sea's breeze. It was good here in Lierlaind. The world seemed to stand still after the market square down the hill. There was a small town around the market, and it was roughly a mile by mile town. On this day I suppose you could call it a metropolis. It was true that Lierlaind was a very large village in relation to other towns across the small sea and even across the large one. People flocked to come here for their pleasures and necessities, the bazaar and the ordinary.
But then you may be wondering why I called Lierlaind small. And it's because there were once much larger cities. In there, you could not see a horizon. The ocean was a block away but you wouldn't know it till you saw it. You could lose yourself in a single building that was as large as the market square of Lierlaind, and much taller. There used to be these cities, but they all fell into the sea or they were abandoned once the air became too toxic. With the cities gone, the factories closed and we no longer had the luxuries we once did, like factory made clothing, or sheets not sewn by hand. While it is true that we had these things, everything was as it once was nearly 500 years ago. The cities were abandoned around 300 years ago.
And here I sat on my cliff facing the sea. Lierlaind had no cities, no crumbling sites of steel and stone that even though the air had been cleaned by now, we still didn't go back to. We liked the peace that natural living brought, and it was rumored that continued amounts of electricity were bad for you. Having an ancient mobile phone out too often was rumored to kill you. If you could even find a mobile phone. They proved fragile.
I was sure that these were just tales from the old to keep the young from reverting back to the cities. There was talk of going back, but no one ever did for fear of the creatures.
You couldn't see them by just looking at the cities because they hated the light and the avoided contact with humans. But that didn't stop them from being territorial. I suppose you could say that they're patient but once you were in their territory too long, say good bye. This is why if when we did a routine survey of the cities we had to move very quickly through. You had roughly 10 minutes in each territory, or a roughly a square half mile.
We rarely lost people to the monsters, and we never really did see one, not even a dead one. We've theorized that they're scavengers like vultures and eat their own dead. We don’t know why they do as once you see one; you’re just about dead meat.
As for how we live now, we live simple lives. We go to school, but education isn't that highly valued as long as you can read and do simple math. Very few of us become scholars and teachers, but it happens now and again. In industrial towns and common day cities there are colleges and such, but I have never seen them. We have some olden technology and we are amazed by how it works. Some people say that it is science in how the computers work, but I don't know what to think. They work for typing things printing but the legendary internet has not worked for 250 years. To imagine the amount of knowledge that was available is mind-blowing.
And here I sit on my cliff overlooking the sea in my green dress and shawl. I feel elegant, and picturesque. But there are rarely any pictures from cameras anymore and the ink is hard to make. So I sit and watch the village where the people run, buy, sing, play, and talk of going back to the city.

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