Strength In Numbers ~ A Group Crossover

Strength In Numbers ~ A Group Crossover

This story is pretty much one BIG one-shot involving characters from other stories here on Quibblo. Events that take place in this story will not be and are not affected by the stories from which the crossover characters are chosen from.

P.S Includes spoilers.

Chapter 1

Nothing was ever peaches and cream for these guys. Whether it was taking parts in nation-wide wars or trying to find a cure in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, they've been involved in adventures, risks and dangers more than any of them care to admit. But when one big adventure ties them all in together, can they learn to co-operate and work as a team?

It happened on a day like any other. Smack down in the perilous Sea of Monsters, a dark and mysterious island rose up from the deep. People were curious, some went to visit the island, none came back.

As if the Island had not satisfied its appetite, demonic creatures shaped like humanoids sailed from the island. When they arrived on shore, as soon as the sun set, any unfortunate man or woman left out after dark were captured and taken back to the island as sacrifices.

When Region 2 citizen, Rose Green, is kidnapped and held captive on the island, James Green vows to go to the Island and save her against all odds. But he can't do it on his own, he'll need help.

But is it true that there is strength in numbers? Or is the incessant bumping-of-heads within the team a sign that James would be better off on his own?

William Cole and London Samuelson from The Last Games and War Restarted ~ &

Tyson Kalaba and Meredith Jackson from The Power of Four Demigods ~

James and Rain from When Hell is Full ~

James Green and Violet Hunter from Rebellion ~

POVs are written by AwesomeOK1 (that's me, but of course you knew) and bored_chic1002.

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