Rant Book

I shouldn't have to say this, but I'm warning you that these rants will offend you if you disagree.

Chapter 1

Complaining over one person thumbing down one of your comments

Okay, we ALL have our comments thumbed-down sometimes. It's not really a big deal. What's the point of creating a question or story to yell about it, and threaten the person who did it? Chances are it was by accident. And even if it wasn't, it's just a stupid button! It's nothing to go crazy over! Are you going to die because of this thumb-down someone gave you on your comment? Are you really that offended because someone clicked a button shaped like a thumb from a fist point downward? Are you going to go crazy just because ONE person disagrees with you ONE time? I've had tons of my comments thumbed down while they weren't offended, and I don't go around screaming about it! It doesn't matter! I'm sure we all have thumbed down comments before! I have! Someone is bound to disagree with you, and they have the right to as long as it is in a mature manner. If there is a thumb down button, it was put there for a reason. So people could express their opinions by disagreeing or agreeing with the comment! That's why there is also a thumbs-up button!

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