Are you interested in becoming a Christian?

Chapter 1

Get ready!

Are you lost? Do you need a counselor? A friend? A Father? Well there is hope! Do you need love, joy, and peace? There is a healer. Do you need the impossible done? There is a Lord! Do you need a hero? A protector? A soverien friend? There is someone. The Alpha, and Omega. A guider, a trusted man. Who will never leave you. He loves you unconditionally. His power is amazing, his strength is unbarable. Death couldnt hold him. Satan couldnt tempt him! Darkness couldnt make him sin! He is perfect and sees you the same! His name is Jesus Christ! And he is the God of the Heaven and Hell! The God of your problems and sin. He will never hurt or punish you! He took your punishment on the cross!
Interested yet?

Here's how to be with him:
All you have to do is believe in your heart and say this prayer to accept him.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I believe in you. I believe you died and rose again for my sins. I believe you are God and I love you. I am redeemed from the curse, so, now I am ready to tackle life with a new friend. Lord I accept you, come into my heart and live inside of me. In the name of Jesus... Amen!

There! Was that so hard? No! And now you instore for supernatural increase in your life! Congradulations! See you in heaven!


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