plz read!!!!

i know some off you ail probably ignore this...

Chapter 1

i want to challenge you!!!!

what would you guys think if i challenged you for the rest of the summer?! here how it would work:

everyday i would post a question except it would be a challenge, you would then accept or decline that challenge, if you decide to decline my challenge all you would do is put decline when you answer, if you choose to accept my challenge then you would put accept when you answer and give me a story on how you answered to my challenge, then every day until summer ends i would give you a challenge, and on the last day of summer i will give you the ultimate challenge, now for all you ppl out there going "whats in it for me?" my answer to you is nothing all im asking you to do is put yourself out there and have fun this summer!!!

Thx for reading! if you have any questions leave them in the comment box, thank you!!!


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