Okami Hinaru

This is my original creepy pasta she is a hybrid of animals one day she fell into a vat of toxic waste with a snake and now she looks human but is not she has enhanced abilities those of animals sometimes she can't control it. also this involves the fight with Slender vs. Jeff of why they fought or at least my own theory for the sake of this story. by the way Josh and Blake are my friends in the story. Also the picture is her.

Chapter 1

Okami Hinaru

My name is Okami Hinaru and this my story.

When I was a teenager I ran away from home because I was a victim of child abuse and I was blamed for a murder I didn't commit. I heard many footsteps behind me so I ran away into the forest and stumbled upon an abandoned construction site, I kept running until I tripped over a barrel of toxic waste the burning liquid spilled over half my body leaving my clothes singed and to make matters worse I was bitten by snake. I got up and kept running then I came across a gas mask I quickly grabbed it and ran, then I saw a cave that looked like a wolf den, against my better judgment I went in until the running sound of feet behind me ceased there was nothing left but the faint echos of foot steps. "I hope this wolf den is abandoned cause i'm going to stay here for awhile."

^ 6 hours later^

"She's not here look somewhere else." "Sir were tired can't we call it a night. She can't possibly last two hours in Slender forest by herself and plus we can say, can just say; 'we tried to look for her, but Slender man got her and we couldn't do anything' What do you say can we call it a night." "Yeah your probably right. Lets go boys!" Finally the voices ceased, the screams of many grown men could be heard and whipping sounds of whips swirling around and bodies being impaled, branches being broken and the sound of white noise, then nothing. I proceeded deeper into the cave then the howling began.


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