The Shadow of No One

So yeah

Chapter 1


With Silence all around her
she struggles to stay in the light
because all that is consuming her is this pain
that's quiet but deadly, making it hard to keep up the fight.

And to make matters worse is that she knows no one cares
for all she does is absorb herself with dread
because after all, she's just this lost shadow
that's somewhere in between alive and dead.

She's not meant for love you see
And she's not even meant for life
yet for some reason she keeps Breathing
despite the torture caused from an invisible knife.

And that knife is stabbing her over and over
in the same place right square in her heart
where all she can do is cry and cry
just wishing to escape so she can restart.

But she's just this shadow
so therefore her wish won't ever come true
even if she's still alive with a beating heart
because what matters now is no longer anything that she once knew.

And in the end, the silence and darkness that surrounded her will remain.


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